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 User Time Control Center Oct 31, 2018 5967
User Time Control Center lets you control all the activities on your computer. If you are concerned about what your child is doing with your computer while you are asleep or away, just use this new complete solution - User Time Control Center! It allows you to set the limits on how much time your c...
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 1st Security Center Pro Dec 17, 2015 4546
1st Security Center Pro was developed to help you control the access to the important resources on your computer. Keep your computer in order and control all the system changes. 1st Security Center Pro enables you to restrict the access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, ...
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 Dark Files Sep 18, 2014 2014
Dark Files will strongly protect your computer from unauthorized access to any media and devices on your computer. You can specify the users that have the access to certain media, you can also protect any files and folders from deleting, renaming and modifying, and so on. Dark Files security appl...
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 Windows Security Officer Jul 19, 2011 163
Windows Security Officer was created to provide instant logging and resource restriction. It will strongly protect the access to any OS resourses. The application is integrated with Windows OS and features very strong and powerful control of the access to computer, the personality, subject and tim...
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 Internet Security Tweak Jul 24, 2002 72
Internet Security Tweak Pro utility was created to customize many features of the Internet Explorer Web browser. Now you can fast and easy save and manage your browser settings, disable individual menu items and tabs, and other settings. With Internet Security Tweak Pro you can easily prevent the ...
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