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Name: AlbumWeb
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 4.6.5
Platform: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003
Size: 31.84 MB
Author: PhotoActions
Published: Sep 05, 2011
Statistics: AlbumWeb
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Home Page: PhotoActions
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AlbumWeb - description from

It is rather difficult and monotonous to create web photo albums by hand. If you use AlbumWeb there is no need to use different graphical converters and write html code. AlbumWeb make a process of creating web photo album automatic and rather exciting. The web photo album can be used at your internet site, home or wherever you want it to be. Web album created by means of AlbumWeb is a set of interdependent html-pages and pictures which can be viewed in any internet browser.

The wizard style of the program makes mastering and usage of the program easier. More than 200 options help you to get full control over the photo album appearance. AlbumWeb gives you an opportunity to create different web albums with different appearances. It can be done using many build in themes. If necessary, you can customize them or create your own theme.

Main features of AlbumWeb
  1. Creation of web gallery of images.
  2. Creation of web gallery of thumbnails.
  3. Creation of combined gallery (images + thumbnails).
  4. Creation of explorer styled gallery (images + thumbnails).
  5. Creation of web albums.
  6. Creation of autonomous gallery in Microsoft Html Help Format.
  7. Support of basic image formats - BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  8. Preview when adding and editing images in AlbumWeb.
  9. The list of recently used projects.
  10. Multilanguage support of AlbumWeb.
  11. Tip of the day.
  12. Possibility to pack you gallery to zip-file and mail it.
  13. Automatic uploading of you gallery to internet site.
  14. Creation and editing of theme determining the appearance of your gallery.
  15. AlbumWeb supports html-templates which allows to expert user creating a unique gallery.
  16. Support of hot-keys for all frequently used operations.
  17. Support of Drag'n'Drop.
  18. Input and editing of meta-tags for html-pages.
Distinctive features of AlbumWeb
  1. AlbumWeb is easy to use.
  2. AlbumWeb has modern wizard based interface.
  3. Three modes of work according to the qualification of users.
  4. Supporting of more than 200 options determining the appearance of the gallery.
  5. Setting of any attribute of gallery appearance.
  6. Supporting of variables (key-words) when editing theme and template.
  7. AlbumWeb has smart algorithms of creation thumbnails.
  8. Additional effects for images (rotating, hue, saturation, etc.).
  9. Additional effects for thumbnails (3d-borders, shadow, etc.).
  10. Majority of built-in themes.
  11. Various types of sorting images (by name, by size, etc.).
  12. AlbumWeb supports partially created gallery when working with great projects.
  13. Quick creation of gallery - 250 images (640X480) per minute.
  14. Additional graphic resources (textures, buttons, etc.).

AlbumWeb - description from developer:

AlbumWeb is a photo album authoring tool that lets you create beautiful HTML albums or slideshows from photos, video and voiceover narrations. To share the album with relatives and friends, the user can upload the album to FTP server, send by email as a ZIP archive, save locally to hard disk drive. Additional plug-ins enables the program to output the album to new formats and destinations, such as Picasa and Flickr. Out of the box, the beginner can start a new project in a few minutes. Using the wizards, you can select a theme from the library of pre-made skins, set up album chapters, add photos and edit images using a wide variety of effects. For example, you can remove red eye, enhance contrast and resize the image. Changes to a photo are stored and displayed only in the album, while source files on the hard drive remain unchanged. To add more life to the album, the user can record a voiceover narration for a slideshow using the built-in audio recorder and microphone. The final step is to select the destination to output the album, which can be the local PC, network, or the Internet. The program allows you to edit properties of an album, chapters and photos. Just select the item to edit and use the mouse and keyboard to enter name, description, keywords, rating, slideshow timing, and background music. Properties can be set for each photograph individually, or for several files all together. Unlike many Flash sites, the markup of AlbumWeb HTML gallery is search-engine friendly and can be indexed by all search engines. AlbumWeb has the built-in theme editor for the user to create a custom theme that will adapt to the design of the existing website. You can define the layout for all pages of an HTML gallery and slideshow, set custom color for text, background, define the size of thumbnails and take care of everything else to create a gorgeous album.

AlbumWeb is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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