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 Aldos Pianito Oct 16, 2004 2008
Pianito is a very intuitive and funny piano simulator great to learn music. Recommended for children and adults. Play in background your favorite MP3, midi or wave files as your rythm pattern while you play interactively with the keyboard of your PC. The included 128 instruments and 48 percussion i...
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 Aldos Pianito - MicroStudio Apr 5, 2004 502
Pianito MicroStudio is a piano synthesizer and drum machine tracker with 24 tracks (8 percussion, 8 midi instruments, 8 wave FXs). You can map your keyboard to any of the MIDI 128 instruments or to 48 simultaneous percussion instruments for interactive play, while the rythm/ song that you have cr...
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 Aldos Macro Recorder Jun 25, 2008 177
Do you need to record keystrokes and mouse clicks? Aldo's Macro Recorder is your dream. It is as simple as pressing [Scroll Lock] to start recording your keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks. New version or recorder have new wizard for new macros, new macro script commands for databas...
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 Aldos Text-to-WAVE Aug 20, 2004 113
Convert text, web pages and MS Word documents into audible documents in WAVE or MP3 formats. Great tool to create your own audio books, improve your memory by repetition, learn foreing language pronunciation, read jokes, news, online bible or any text and listen documents on the road in your C...
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 iNet Grabber Jan 27, 2004 112
A powerful internet content grabber that lets you automatically download web server contents off the net, make screen captures, extract specific information and integrate data from multiple pages for your later review, reduce download size or for transfer to portable devices, by simply placing a...
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 Agent Reader Aug 20, 2004 96
Increase your productivity with this advanced personal assistant. Agent Reader text to speech reads everything copied to the clipboard from any application, the Macro Recorder automates repetitive typing tasks, the integrated ads/ popup killer will close for you all the annoying windows while you ...
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 Aldos Text-PDF PRO+ Aug 20, 2004 83
Small and fast tool that converts text and image files to PDF without having to use Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Works with Acrobat Reader 5.x and 6.0. Support plain text, HTML-like syntax for formatted text and image files (JPG, GIF, BMP, RLE, WMF, EMF, ICO). Process a single file, multiple tex...
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 Auto Type By Keyword Feb 7, 2007 47
Are long Internet addresses your nightmare? Do you type typed phrases and saluations in Instant Messengers million times per day? "Auto Type By Keyword" is just for you. It works with almost any Windows or DOS application. Try it now.Increase your productivity typing your frequently typed text faste...
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