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 Disk2File V1.3x Feb 1, 2004 82
Disk2File is a must have utility for sampler users. It can read any SCSI sample media and write it into an ISO image file, ready to record with your favorite CD recording app. With disk2file, you can backup most of the known samplers. It actually supports Emu, Yamaha (A 3000), Akai (S1xxx, S2xx...
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 Loan Calc Feb 1, 2004 82
Loan Calc is an easy-to-use tool intended to calculate loans and mortgages repayments in a very simple way. Loan Calc calculates repayments amount, monthly and total interest, total repayments and generates a full repayment list from a start date. Loan Calc is currency-independent so it can be use...
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 Tape Calculator Feb 1, 2004 81
Tape Calculator is an easy to use calculator application for Windows with a tape register. Accountants should find this tool indispensable everybody else should find it an easy way to balance a check book or calculate bills. Tape Calculator will also perform any of the standard operations for which ...
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 Unios Feb 1, 2004 81
Unios is a fast and simple unit converter with built in support for lots of units in many categories including currency, capacity, distance, pressure, speed, temperature, surface area, time, volume, and weight. If you need to work with units that aren't on the list, Unios is flexible enoug...
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 FBUtil 99 Feb 1, 2004 80
Features: Edit players attributes globally; Customize the PlayerTable to show the columns you want to see; Intergrated FBLeagueConv; Online help; More......
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 AvLog Lite 3.0 (demo upgrade) Feb 1, 2004 80
It's here! Version 3.0 of AvLog Pro & AvLog Lite is designed for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000 and XP. This 32-bit logbook program offers greater usability than any other logbook. You will not find an easier to use, more robust logbook program than AvLog Pro & AvLog Lite. Whether entering or reviewin...
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 911Help Mar 18, 2004 80
At last! A mainframe-quality 911 Police Radio Call-Taking & Radio-Dispatching program that runs on any PC at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay! e911Help has many powerful features for both the call-taker and the dispatcher: An Incident Board displays a color-coded list of all calls for ...
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 Advanced Call Center Feb 1, 2004 80
Advanced Call Center turns your computer into a technologically advanced answering machine. All the features you'd expect are supported. It will catalog all incoming calls with Caller ID information, display a pop-up message and play a personal ring tune for each of your callers, and even announce...
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 League Maker 2000 Professional Feb 1, 2004 79
League Maker 2000 is a software package that is ideally suited for small to large companies who run tournaments. It takes the hassle out of creating a weekly draw lists for players. Why spend hours creating & running the League when you can do it in minutes! It is ideally suited to: Snooker clubs...
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 Morello Matrix Calculator Feb 1, 2004 79
Morello Matrix Calculator is a simple, pocket calculator style program which performs most standard matrix calculations. It supports matrices up to 20 elements square (shareware version is limited to 2 elements square). It also allows data to be exchanged with most common spreadsheets and other pro...
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