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 GSM Control Jan 31, 2004 209
GSM Control is a program for communication between your "Siemens" mobile phone and computer. It offers you a whole range of powerfull features which you, till now, could not use or using this features on your small mobile keyboard was very hard. With this tool, editing your mobile phonebook, w...
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 Basic Bookkeeping 6 Jan 31, 2004 200
Ideally suited for small businesses and individuals, OWL's Basic Bookkeeping (BBK) was rated the "Best of Business Shareware" by PC World and among the Best 100 Downloads by Computer Novice. If you have not heard of Basic Bookkeeping, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. As one user wrote: "...
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 Ideal Statements Feb 1, 2004 197
Ideal statements has been designed to help those in the self storage industry to keep track of customers, current as well as those who have been and gone. It keeps track of how much is owed by your customer, how much has been paid this current month, calculates the outstanding amount owing, add...
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 Attrasoft Predictor Feb 1, 2004 187
What is Predictor? Predictor is Attrasoft's application of neural network technology. Predictor analyze tremendous amounts of information available through your database or speadsheets, learning relationships and patterns. This enables Predictor to detect subtle changes and predict results. What is...
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 CT AutoSurf Oct 14, 2003 180
downloads Users! CT AutoSurf will automatically get your points for you in about 6 minutes. Just start the program each day and it will log you in every 20 seconds until you've reached the 100 point maximum. You can run it minimized in the taskbar and run other programs or surf the web without thi...
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 Word Together Jan 31, 2004 178
Comprehensive, integrated electronic dictionaries: Rhymes (130, 000 Words), Definition (98, 000 Words), Thesaurus (2, 200, 000 Words), Pronounciation. High speed search displays closest matches as you type. Friendly, flexible screens allowing Option of extensive or concise dictionary. Search ...
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 MicroChart 2000 Jan 31, 2004 171
MicroChart was originally developed as a DOS graphics program in 1983 during my teaching assignment at the University of Hawaii and from the very beginning has been used to design and chart the halftime shows of the University of Hawaii "Rainbow" Marching Band and the Hula Bowl All-Star Halftime Pag...
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 TextToMS Jan 31, 2004 170
TextToMS enables quick and easy updating, management and editing of financial data stored in MetaStock or CompuTrac format. The best feature of TextToMS is advertised by its name - you can use a text file of end-of-day quotes to update your MetaStock format data. Such text files are widely avalable...
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 Paypal Flash Button Enhancer Aug 6, 2004 167
This program creates the code the Flash buttons being sold across the internet use to inform Paypal of the products information. The added bonus is that it supplies the code necessary for all the options that Paypal offers such as a cancel page, changing the color of the page to black instead of ...
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 PhonePad Feb 1, 2004 165
PhonePad is a Windows application that is designed to replace the "While You Were Out" telephone message pads commonly found in offices around the world. Quite often, when you answer someone's phone, there is never a pen or piece of paper handy to take down the caller's details. And when there is,...
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