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 Screenprint32 Single User License Feb 1, 2004 154
WHAT YOU NEED IT TO... ScreenPrint32 allows you to print and/ or capture to disk or clipboard, the full desktop, active window, predefined area, or user selected area of the screen. Add user defined headers and footers with date and time stamps etc, resize the printed image, convert to greysc...
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 Payroll Calculator 2002 Feb 1, 2004 152
Payroll Calculator 2002 easily calculates your worked hours and your overtime hours so you will know what to expect on your next paycheck. Added a feature that a printed out report that list all of your worked hours, OT, and total net pay and when you get your paycheck and if the hours or pay are ...
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 Gadgets and Gizmos Jan 31, 2004 152
How to make simple hands-on projects....
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 League Maker 2000 Standard Oct 14, 2003 152
League Maker 2000 is a software package that is ideally suited for small to large companies who run tournaments. It takes the hassle out of creating a weekly draw lists for players. Why spend hours creating & running the League when you can do it in minutes! It is ideally suited to:- Snooker club...
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 All versions of Rats Jan 31, 2004 148
Rats! is a frantic game of rodent extermination. You must kill all the rats before they have a chance to mate and overrun the maze. To do this you can use bombs, radioactive waste, gas, poison, plague rats, blocks, and gender changing chemicals....
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 Spreadsheet QC Jan 31, 2004 147
Spreadsheet QC is a collection of 15 professional templates for use with Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, Quattro Pro, and all compatibles. The goal of Spreadsheet QC is to make statistical process and quality control more accessible by automating the main techniques in a familiar form, the spreads...
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 Gradekeeper Single License Jan 31, 2004 145
Gradekeeper is as easy to use as your paper gradebook. You can record grades and attendance for the entire school year. You can add students, assignments, and scores to your gradebook by just clicking and typing. But Gradekeeper does so much more. Once you try Gradekeeper, you'll throw away your ...
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 Active Phone Server Feb 1, 2004 137
Active Phone Server (APServer) is an application designed to manage your incoming and outgoing phone calls. All essential features are supported: advanced answering machine, caller ID function which displays a caller's information when a call is received, and enables you to customize voices and me...
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 MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition Jul 2, 2004 136
Need to make every arrangement clear in company? Then tap into the power of MultiCalendar Client/ Server Edition. MultiCalendar Client/ Server Edition contains powerful tools for make enterprise's every appointment/ call/ meeting or task in an easy and intuitive way. Manage Appointment / Event Cale...
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 Holiday Planner Feb 1, 2004 133
The Holiday Planner is an electronic version of the Year Planners seen on office walls around the world. You can highlight squares singly or in blocks by selecting the colour you want then painting with your mouse. There are 5 available colours and you choose what category you want each to represent...
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