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 WorldClock Feb 1, 2004 117
WorldClock for Windows allows you to find the local time for almost any area of the world by simply clicking on the map. It will also automatically determine whether Daylight Savings Time is currently in effect for that area and adjust the time accordingly....
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 SpaceCAD Feb 1, 2004 116
The market-leading SpaceCAD model rocket software enables you to design and build the model rockets you desire: choose your own nose cone, your own engine sizing and your own fins - instead of relying on catalog designs. Unlike other model rocket software SpaceCAD also supports you in building your...
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 Liatro Electrical Design Feb 1, 2004 115
Most easy to use.Smart and Comfortable. Provides more than 10000 componentes. Hierarchical design environment, supports single sheet, multiple sheets. Fast and lite. Sheet templates supporting. High quality printer output with full Windows font support. Export to Netlist, BOM, Protel sch file, ima...
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 WingDir Feb 1, 2004 115
WingDir can mask File Names with the traditional DOS '*.*' wildcards and multiple filter switches can be set to display All, Same, Different, Unique, Identical, Older, Newer, or Size difference files....
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 VentaFax & Voice Feb 1, 2004 113
VentaFax (tm) is a powerful fax/ voice messaging system for Windows 9x, NT 4.x, 2000 and XP, with features and stability rivaling the high-end products like WinFax, but without the high cost and resource drain. VentaFax is quick, nimble, with a small footprint. It sends and receives fax messa...
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 Advanced Call Center Jun 15, 2005 111
Advanced Call Center is advanced, yet simple-to-use answering machine software with Caller ID for your voice modem. The software receives your telephone calls while you are away, monitors them and logs, caller ID lets you see and hear who's calling via screen pop-ups, distinctive rings and ...
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 Plot2EMF 4.0 Feb 1, 2004 111
Plot2EMF is a utility for Microsoft Windows 9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000 that will convert HP-GL and HP-GL/ 2 plot files (e.g. .PLT files generated by AutoCAD) to a Windows Enhanced MetaFile format that can then be copied or imported into various Windows-based applications. Why Plot2EMF? Microsoft Office 4....
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 ISDNCid Jul 4, 2005 109
ISDNCid is a CAPI-based ISDN application featuring call identifier, answering machine, external program launcher, and fax receiver. ISDNCid requires ISDN service and an ISDN adapter that supports the CAPI standard. The software allows you easily reject unwelcomed callers and assign different gree...
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 iTrack Enterprise Feb 1, 2004 108
iTrack is a comprehensive support tool used to track and resolve support calls, e-mails and user inquiries. Whether you offer telephone support or a maintain a corporate help desk, there has never been an easier way to improve service and reduce support calls. iTrack was developed to provide an al...
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 HelloEuro Currency Converter Aug 12, 2005 106
If you are looking for a good full-featured currency converter, consider HelloEuro Currency Converter. It converts any currency amount to the euro and back if required. HelloEuro works with your worksheets, documents, databases, and presentations. It is capable of working with any Windows applic...
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