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 DiskMan For Windows Feb 1, 2004 96
DiskMan For Windows is the easiest and fastest way to catalog and print labels for your disks, CD ROMs, Bernoullis, Zips, etc... DiskMan features fully customizable disk labels able to import bitmap or icon graphics. DiskMan For Windows boasts more than 50, 000 downloads, Windows Magazine Super...
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 Lobby Manager Feb 1, 2004 96
Lobby Manager is a customer management program designed to eliminate the paper sign in sheet found in a customer service lobby. The problem with traditional system of signing in on a sheet of paper is that customer service representatives are not aware of waiting customers unless they check the lob...
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 HS CardReader Feb 1, 2004 96
Scan images or bussiness cards. Recognize texts on images, translate them to ascii text.  Simple to use, drag image and drop into text. Save to vcf Business VCard format and use it in Outlook Express. Mail the text to recipients. Interactif Help file was included with this package....
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 SQC for Excel 97 Feb 1, 2004 95
SQC for Excel (TM) is a Microsoft Excel 97 add-in program for developing statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) calculations, reports and charts automatically. - All SQC Variable charts such as X-Bar, X, Range, Moving Range, Individual, S, Trend, EWMA and C...
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 001Spy Feb 4, 2002 95
Discover how you can explode your Profit with this proven, easy to use software. Get uncovered information about people you make business in your database. Discover benefit of remembering birthdays, customers' anniversaries, their habits, staying close with them. Take power with knowing right da...
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 eBookSnap Ebook Creator Feb 2, 2004 95
Use eBookSnap to create your own ebooks so you can publish in-demand, moneymaking electronic books at virtually no cost and either give them away for FREE, or sell them and pocket a Cool 100% profit....
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 Data Paint Feb 1, 2004 94
Data Paint is statistical software designed with ease of use and user friendly functionalities in mind. The current version utilizes GUI (Graphical User Interface) language to link charts, graphs and statistical information about selected groups of data. For each graph and statistics windows, ther...
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 AutoLog Feb 1, 2004 94
Auto Log is a vehicle tracking program that allows the following data and printing options for multiple vehicles: Gasoline usage and mileage Maintenance (both scheduled and unscheduled) Miscellaneous Expenses Notes Tell the mechanic (place to enter small items that need attention on the next...
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 Stock Ticker Application Bar Feb 23, 2004 93
Stock Ticker Application Bar is a software designed for continuous retrieval of stock quotes through the Internet. It is simple stock ticker that resides at the top or the bottom of your screen and displays real-time ECN or 20 minutes delayed quotes of predefined list of stocks, indices and currenc...
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 Loan Calculator 2000 Feb 1, 2004 92
Loan Calculator 2000 provides a quick and easy way to compare loan options. Enter any three figures - the amount financed, payment term, interest rate, or payment amount - and LC2000 will compute the fourth. Does amortizations for fixed, variable, biweekly, and other types of mortgages/ loans,...
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