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 Multi-Stock Browser Feb 1, 2004 91
Monitor an unlimited number of stocks instantly. Every copy is personalized with the owner's name. Save your favorites for automatic reload at start up. Clear and refresh function let's you check for changes without re-entering the symbols. Update includes ability to view and print graphs in 4 f...
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 Grocery Companion Feb 1, 2004 88
Would you like to start saving money on your grocery purchases? Grocery Companion was designed to help you with this task. The main screen is broken down into aisles so you can always see how much you spend in each section of the store. A single-click lets you hide a grocery item in the grocery list...
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 Call Director Feb 1, 2004 87
Call Director is a Telephony application for Windows95, Windows98, and WindowsNT 4. Working with your 3Com ImpactIQ External ISDN Modem, it provides the following features: Caller ID - a popup window showing the caller's phone number and name, as well as the ImpactIQ analog port on which the cal...
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 DecisionMaker Feb 1, 2004 86
What is DecisionMaker? DecisionMaker is Attrasoft's application of neural network technology. DecisionMaker analyze tremendous amounts of information available through a database or a spreadsheet, learning relationships and patterns. This enables DecisionMaker to detect subtle changes and predict r...
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 StockAnalyzer Plus Feb 1, 2004 84
The program provides one click access to your favorite stock research pages. You can show up to eight technical charts on one page, you can capture chart image on any screen, and perform trend line, support and resistance analysis. The program has built-in Index component watchlist (bank, semi, ...
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 FaceValue 97 Feb 1, 2004 84
FaceValue? 97 helps financial institutions redeem US Saving Bonds for their customers. Many banks today manually calculate the interest due on each Savings Bond, then calculate the grand total to be paid to the customer. Finally a receipt has to be prepared; a time-consuming process occurring while...
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 SchemeDesigner Feb 1, 2004 83
SchemeDesigner is a CAD-system for design of schemes and diagrams. Each element of schemes is an Object with customised properties. The schemes consist od instances of stencils....
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 PhoneWolf Feb 1, 2004 83
PhoneWolf can find Phone Number and Address listings for both residential and business telephone services in many countries around the world. It hooks directly into the databases of many telecommunications companies, so unlike your phone book, the results are always current. PhoneWolf currently co...
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 MakeMS Feb 1, 2004 83
MakeMS lets you convert ASCII data to the Metastock / Computrac financial data format. A comprehensive Help file is provided. MakeMS is available as a 32 bit application tested on Win95/ 98 and WinNT/ 2K....
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 MetaFix Feb 1, 2004 82
MetaFix lets you quickly view, navigate and edit financial data stored in MetaStock / CompuTrac data format. You can edit individual quotes, adjust data scaling, automatically search for splits and other data utilities. A comprehensive Help file is provided. Note, that unlike some other less-ca...
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