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 Bubblet (PC) Feb 8, 2004 10929
Bubblet is an easy but fascinating logic game. Match as many bubbles as possible in one color in order to burst them. The more bubbles aligned together, the more points you get. Choose between four different styles of gameplay....
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 DemonStar Aug 17, 2004 6178
The most thrilling vertical scrolling shooter on the market! DemonStar takes shooters to the extreme with Multiplayer/ Network capabilities, Force Feedback joystick support, 3-D rendered graphics, explosive sound effects, and a brilliant soundtrack. Do you want fast-paced, reflex-jerking, e...
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 Devils Island Pinball Feb 8, 2004 5548
A savage storm leaves you shipwrecked on a remote South Seas island. But what first appears to be a tropical paradise quickly turns into a nightmare as you battle venomous spiders and giant scorpions. Natural threats are not your only peril however, with the Evil Witchdoctor and his cannibal minion...
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 Warblade Jun 6, 2008 3063
"For any fan of the original Galaga or Amiga's DeluxeGalaga, Warblade is a must! Many games that cross the platform barrier never quite feel the same, but Warblade is an exception. Having played Deluxe Galaga on my Amiga for many years, Warblade feels and plays much the same. The extra featu...
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 Ms. Pacman Feb 8, 2004 2716
It's a new look to well-known Pac-Man game. It has a lot of inprovements, such as new hi-color graphics. Also here you'll find 15 new amazing levels, where we try to keep the spirit of this immortal game, ...
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 PacMania3D May 21, 2005 2382
New adventures of your loved hero ? little creature Pac-Man. PacMania 3D is an arcade game for Windows, similar to the deeply beloved Pac-Man, but with more interesting and remarkable features! The main advantage is 3D graphics, now you not only move around the maze, but also can jump to multipl...
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 AirXonix Apr 11, 2005 1958
Liked the famous Xonix game Qix? Now you?ve got the modern 3-dimensional remake of this exciting game - AirXonix! New stunning special effects accomplished with 3D sound, brand-new monsters, and a slew of different bonuses all displayed in full 3D make this wonderful game number one arcade Xonix-s...
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 Fairyland Feb 8, 2004 1543
You are playing through a little fairy named Ptolemy, who knows the incantation for turning her enemies into cakes. When being dropped from somewhere (either you or somebody else may push it or it may fall down by itself), the bewitched enemy expires. You can use your enemies as footholds for movi...
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 Megapede Feb 8, 2004 1424
The classic millipede clone gone amok! A super fast paced game with lots of little extras like child mode and reduced graphics output for slower systems....
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 Battlejeep Apr 19, 2005 1406
Battlejeep is quick, simple, and highly addictive arcade-style game. Take control of rocket-armed military jeep and fight against the enemies - helicopters armada, consisting of the helicopters of several types, each of which with its own specific powers, e.g. increased bomb load or more accura...
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