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 Millennium Digger - The Artful Machine Feb 8, 2005 431
Millennium Digger - The Artful Machine game enables you to gain as many points as possible and as fast as possible. This remake of the famous Digger arcade game features multi-levelled game spiced with various adventures as you advance through the levels. Eat up monsters and avoid being eaten, coll...
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 Bugatron Nov 21, 2005 429
Bugatron Gold is the remake of arcade '80s -style retro shooter game. It's fun, fast, exciting, very easy to play and highly addictive! Bugatron Gold has brand new power-ups, like the rail gun, triple shot, and heat seeking rockets. Play this amazing shooter game on more than 80 lev...
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 Atomic Bombers Nov 19, 2002 418
Multiplayer Arcade Game based on Dynablaster. New fun and original features. Great graphics ! Up to 4 simultaneous players (great with 4 players !). Many levels : 160 LEVELS included. Possibility to DOWNLOAD NEW LEVELS (free). Easy game setup. Joystick and DirectX support. HTML help, playing rules,...
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 Brick Break Dec 4, 2005 380
Destroy all the bricks on every level using your paddle! What makes BrickBreak really fun and unique game is its beautiful graphics, stereo sounds, and high playability, everyone can play this game from the scratch! This modern interpretation of the old classic arcade game is full of new interest...
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 PacMania 3 Sep 18, 2005 378
PacMania 3D is a new remake of the famous PacMan game for Windows, that is similar to its original but with more advanced features and now it is 3-Dimensional! Move around the maze eating dots and monsters, get more and more points, advance up the levels and go to more wonderful mazes to continue...
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 Outbreak Aug 25, 2004 375
Outbreak is a space shooter game similar to Galaxian/ Galaga clones, this shooter features stunning 16-bit graphics, seven music themes and randomly generated pictures of space with more than 100 REAL space objects. There are four unique enemy races with 121 waves of ships, more than 50 different...
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 Accessible Yahtzee Feb 8, 2004 371
This game is played with 5 dice. You may roll any or all dice up to 3 times per round. At any time, you score the dice in 1 of 13 scoring categories. The game is complete when you have scored dice in all 13 categories. This game interfaces directly to your screen reader to provide spoken feedback t...
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 3D Crackanoid Ultra Feb 8, 2004 366
Remake of a classic arcade favorite. Destroy all bricks while keeping the ball on the playing field. Some bricks will give you special powerups such as missiles, gun, long or double pad, and many more! Also, you will get additional points by hitting monsters. And, as in pinball, you can bounce...
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 Tenpin Feb 8, 2004 361
TENPIN is a Bowling League Secretary program developed for Windows 3.1+. Features include data entry as per bowling score sheets, a standing sheet that may be edited on screen, and many recap and summary features. This program will handle data for 1. Up to 36 Teams. 2. Each team has 4 bowlers but ...
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 GJ Chucky Egg Feb 8, 2004 345
Farmer Eggbert just loves eggs. He collects them from the chickens every week. He keeps some for himself and sells the rest at market, to make his living. All the people in the town, buy the eggs from the market at reasonable cost and are very happy and satisfied. This week the chickens have been ...
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