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 Cubics3D Oct 26, 2003 256
Are you ready for some action while using your seldom engaged brain cells? Are you ready to challenge your mind in the never ending world of Cubics, your only true square friend that helps you with the ardious task of wiping out all the cubes within a given level? Will you be able to foresee and av...
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 Bunny Blast Feb 8, 2004 254
The game is set in the near future where something terrible has happened. A bizarre chemical spill caused all of the cute and innocent bunnies on Earth to transform into rabid, man eating incarnations. Don't disturb them too much, or you'll be sorry. Some of them spit acid and others use their c...
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 Arcade Classic: Wall Breaker Feb 9, 2004 249
Wall Breaker is a classic arcade game for your Pocket PC. The object of the game is to eliminate the bricks and keep the ball in the game. Nice graphics, a lot of surprises and 20 levels are waiting for you. Be careful: it's hard to stop playing it!...
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 Sub Hunter Feb 8, 2004 247
The arcade action you remember from the 80's is back and better than ever! Remember the video games of the "good old days? Well now the arcade action is back! The goal in Sub Hunter is simple: sink wave after wave of the enemy subs before they sink you. Along the way, grab the various p...
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 Bubble Bobble Gold Edition Jul 8, 2001 246
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie-Gold Edition is a wonderful game for both children and adults. Play one or pair of little dragons against the enemies, blow big bubbles to catch the enemies inside and pop them! To gain more scores pick up various items, such as fruits, vegetables, diamonds, jewels and e...
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 Black Star: First Attack v1.6 Feb 8, 2004 244
Space shooter using 16bit graphics and ship upgrading (Clone of Tyrian, Demonstar). You can use the Shop after each level. Here you can buy a new ship, weapons, armor plating, reactor, shield and many more...You don't know what all this stuff means? Just look at Encyclopedia - there is short br...
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 Arkanoid2000 Feb 8, 2004 243
Break-out clone remake with many brand-new features. Goal is one - destroy all bricks with ball to complete each round. Some words from ZDNet review: ...Although we've seen Breakout games with sharper graphics, we've seen few that were more fun to play than Arkanoid 2000... The game contains 3 epis...
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 Goof Ball Feb 9, 2004 240
This colorful game combines puzzle elements with fast paced action. From labyrinth style puzzles to last man standing firefights; this game comes with over fifty levels built around seven different game types. Goof Ball features innovative game-play, stunning graphics, and realistic physics....
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 Snakes Feb 8, 2004 230
This game is a network remake of the very old computer game "Snake". How to play: Navigate the snake. Eat moving digits to become longer. Don't be tangled in snake' tails! The main differences from the classic "Snake": 1. You can play in competition with other people or with computer algorith...
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 TROY 2000 Mar 13, 2002 228
TROY 2000 is a platform arcade game. Your goal is to collect all the gold nuggets on each level and find a ladder to proceed to the next level in the tower. The tower has 55 levels and you will encounter 3 big bosses on the way to the top floor. You can continue play on the same level indefinitely. ...
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