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 Xtreme Tankz Madness II Dec 2, 2005 223
Xtreme Tankz Madness II is the sequel to the very popular arcade game with plenty of new wonderful features! Fight in the battle with your tanks and try to win the war. Xtreme Tankz Madness II now comes in high-quality and with new beautiful improved graphics, audio effects and GUI. Enjoy the gamep...
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 Last Man Standing Aug 16, 2004 221
Mankind is locked in a battle for survival against the machines. The powerful and ruthless war computer Skullnet has turned on its creators, humans. Skullnet is now threatening to eliminate entire mankind. You, an ace solider, are mankind's sole hope. In a desperate attempt, you are to pil...
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 Raptor For Linux Feb 8, 2004 220
One of the BEST IBM shooters yet! A fast paced slugfest, with a pulse-pounding sound track, and jaw-dropping VGA animation & cinematics. In the future as a mercenary flying the super-tech Raptor, you'll be sent on interplanetary missions to knock off top competitors of MegaCorp. Battle against ho...
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 GullBlaster Feb 8, 2004 216
Armed with only a paddle and a beach ball, your mission is to blast the gulls before they blast you. Knock the ball into the gulls with the paddle, avoiding falling gulls and gull bombs as they go on the offensive. Catch bonus eggs to receive special abilities. And be sure to blast the shoobees, ...
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 Beetle Ju Oct 30, 2003 215
Beetle Ju is the hit arcade-style game similar to numerous earth-digging and other games of the kind, such as Boulder Dash and Digger games. Beetle Ju game possesses some unique features, such as wonderful funny cartoon-style graphics, various bonuses, weapons and treasures you can get as you ad...
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 Camy II - Special Edition Feb 8, 2004 214
Camy II is the sequel to the original Dear Camy (which is included in this release). The concept is simple, but FUN! Collect gems, powerups and weapons, while avoiding or destroying deadly explosive balls that bounce and roll around......
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 Serious Backgammon Feb 8, 2004 213
Our newest game is aimed at all levels of backgammon player. Beginners will enjoy the game tutorials and easy to use interface that highlights valid moves and makes learning the game a painless experience. More seasoned players will enjoy the challenging computer opponent, the numerous analysis dia...
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 Star Trek for Windows 9x Feb 8, 2004 212
Based on the original Star Trek game, this strategy action game puts you in the Captain's chair of the Enterprise, defending the Federation against its enemies. Choose from 4 mission types which determines your ultimate goal, whether it be to explore the stars for intelligent life, or to push ba...
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 Castles Feb 8, 2004 212
If you remember such eminent games as ?Castle?, ?Scorch tanks?, ?Worms?, ?Worms II? and you like them this game is just for you. You are a castle owner with an ammunition and money. You start a bloody duel with other castle owners like you (maximum number of castles is five). Other castles eithe...
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 Galactix Feb 8, 2004 209
Pilot your way through the relentless Xidus Fleet in an attempt to save the earth from annihilation. Galactix is a space arcade type game where you pilot your ship to shoot enemy fighters and collect bonus's with your ships mechanical arm....
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