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Name: Athlete s Database
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 1.0
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Size: 1.02 MB
Author: CreativeWindows
Published: Feb 03, 2004
Statistics: Athlete s Database
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Home Page: CreativeWindows
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Athlete's Database? provides everything you need to monitor your training and isolate factors that improve performance; it contains several tools including a logbook, calendar, statistics page, four types of graphs, a report generator, search utility, metric to English calculator, and heart rate monitor. All the tools can be opened and used at the same time, inside a "virtual desktop" (the display is infinitely large because it can be scrolled in any direction). Tool windows can be resized, minimized, maximized, opened, closed, cascaded, tiled, or stacked. These features let you view data from different perspectives and help you get more work done. For example, the logbook tool and graph tool can be displayed together, side by side. As soon as information is entered and stored in the log, the graph will immediately reflect that change. There are 25 pages of condensed, comprehensive on-line help, directly accessible from the application main menu. This help provides easy-to-read descriptions of each tool and tips for using them more effectively. Brief help is also displayed at the bottom of the screen any time the mouse pointer is placed on a tool bar icon or menu option for more than one second. Future versions of all help files will be available for free on this Web page.

Athlete's Database? uses a proprietary, fast-index database engine which lets it store and retrieve information much faster than similar applications. It also takes up less space on your hard disk. This is why you can flip through the logbook at any speed, or instantly create reports and graphs that span several years -- and it doesn't use a lot of computer memory. Many similar applications store information in "text" files which is slow and uses a lot of disk space. Of course, if it is necessary, Athlete's Database? can convert all of your data to this form using its report generation tool.

This software log is faster, more reliable, and easier to use than most training logs. It is also less expensive and provides only the features you really need. Most developer's know adding more features, more windows, and more log book data fields isn't difficult. The challenge is finding out what users really need.

Athlete's Database? incorporates more than ten years of software design and programming experience, and fifteen years of running experience (includes eight years of competitive, varsity-level running). All of this is combined in one product that is ideal for everyone from beginner to expert.

Athlete s Database is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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