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 Audiotools Jan 26, 2006 391
Audiotools is a powerful yet very easy-to-use sound recorder and MP3 Converter. Use it to record directly from LPs and cassettes as it possesses valuable noise-reducing and time-consuming functions. It also supports processing of the audio (such as equalisation) with support for plug-ins (DirectX as...
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 MP3 CD Converter Apr 5, 2004 286
MP3 CD Converter lets you burn custom music cds from your favorite MP3 files. Download the most popular MP3 CD burner software, MP3 CD Converter, and burn your favorite MP3 songs to make your own customized Audio CD now! so you can enjoy them on your home, car stereo or portable CD player. MP3 CD ...
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 Advanced MP3 CD Burner Apr 5, 2004 160
Burn Your Own Audio CDs from Downloaded MP3 Files and Listen to Them on Your Home, Car Stereo or Portable CD Player! Advanced MP3 CD Burner enables you to burn your favorite MP3 files with just a few clicks to audio CDs that can be played in any standard home or car stereo, portable CD player and...
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 Jet Storage UDF Sep 20, 2004 153
Jet Storage UDF - burns rewritable discs (CD-RW, DVD+/ -RW, DVD-RAM) in UDF format. Because of this you can work with rewritable discs in the same way as you work with hard disc or floppy disc. It means that you can write, open or edit files on RW disc using any application (MS Office, PhotoSh...
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 Mp3 to CD Burner Pro Apr 5, 2004 151
Burner makes it realy easy to make your own Audio CDs...You can quickly gather up a great play list from your music collection, whether the songs came from CDs that you ripped or from files you downloaded, it's easy to put them together in the Song List and then simply click the Burn button....
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 X-Copy Apr 26, 2004 146
Make perfect 1:1 backups of your valuable original discs by using the Disc At Once RAW+96 power. Burn your favorite Mp3 songs. A special 'on the fly' algorithm make X-Copy the best always. Bypass the latest "unbreakable" protections using X-Copy Software's state of the art burning process! Only ...
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 All Sound Recorder XP Oct 10, 2006 131
All Sound Recorder XP is a All-in-one Audio Recorder and Sound editor software. With Sound Recorder feature, you can record real-time sound from any source like microphone, line-in device(such as casette tape, radio ) and any other sound playing program(like winamp, realplayer, realone playe...
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 ChiliBurner Jan 12, 2011 125
ChiliBurner was created to help you save and share your home videos on DVDs and CDs. This wonderful CD/ DVD burner supports 16 different disk formats. Now with ChiliBurner you can copy your digital videos the way you copy video tapes: just select the data medium and burn VCD, SVCD, or DVD Video di...
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 Xilisoft Audio Maker Aug 16, 2011 96
Xilisoft Audio Maker is a multifunctional audio converter, music CD ripper and audio CD burning software. Why choose Xilisoft Audio Maker? So easy to use that only a few clicks are enough to burn music CD and burn MP3 CD; Provide fast converting speed. Convert a music piece within several second...
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 1st CD Maker Apr 29, 2004 70
1st CD Maker is a all-in-one CD Writing tools which directly burning your mp3, wma, ogg, wav files to CD-R/ CD-RW. 1st CD Maker is also a fine-developed player.Just drag and drop all of your your red-hot songs. Direct-to-CD burning without any WAV files involved....
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