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 DVD Ripper Copy Pro May 22, 2003 6367
DVD Ripper Copy Pro is the easiest way to copy DVD to VCD / SVCD. Download your copy of DVD Ripper Copy Pro! No need to wait for a CD by postal mail. Start using it Right Now! This is a complete guide to creating backups of your DVD movies. Everything you need to copy DVD's is included. DVD Ripper ...
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 WinImage Sep 9, 2003 4100
WinImage is a disk-image management utility. A disk image is a file that contains all the disk data, such as files, FATs, boot sector, and directories. By making an image of a diskette, you get an exact copy (as with the DOS Diskcopy command). You can read the diskette and write the image onto ...
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 CopyTo Mar 8, 2013 2143
CopyToDVD is a new generation tool to backup all your music and data files. CopyToDVD contains several methods to build your CDs or DVDs, such as integration to shell, user friendly frontend or FileDepot technology. With a few clicks you can burn files, folders, pictures, and music (MP3, Ogg V...
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 CopyTo Synchronizer Apr 5, 2007 1317
CopyTo Synchronizer is a 32-bit file synchronization and backup utility for Windows. Use it to safely synchronize files between a desktop PC and a notebook PC, move files between the home and office with removable media, like ZIP or JAZ, or update multiple computers on a network, with the multipl...
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 DiabloLabs Replicator Aug 27, 2003 848
DiabloLabs Replicator is a utility for backing up content on your discs using a recordable CD-RW drive. The program doesn't work with all recorders, though it supports dozens of ATAPI, USB and Firewire devices. This is because the program only works by recording in RAW mode. This feature offers fu...
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 Stellar Phoenix 8.0 , Data Recovery Software Oct 26, 2003 818
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software is a NON-DESTRUCTIVE and READ ONLY data file recovery utility that helps you in recovering your all important data against numerous threats - accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file/ directory deletion, or even a sabotage! Stellar Phoe...
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 Acronis True Image Apr 15, 2003 797
Acronis True Image is your ultimate data insurance policy! It takes an exact image of your hard disk drive or separate partitions for complete backup, and allows you to restore all of their contents, including operating systems, programs, personal data and settings. In the event of fatal softwar...
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 FolderClone Standard Edition Sep 19, 2014 788
Looking for an easy way to backup your data? FolderClone lets you make an identical copy of a folder tree from one drive to another. It can be used to synchronize files between a desktop computer and a laptop, or replicate data between a workstation and a server. It can also be used to copy imp...
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 Acronis MigrateEasy Deluxe Sep 10, 2002 776
Migrate safely, migrate quickly, Migrate Easy! Quickly and easily deploy a new hard disk on your PC or laptop ? migrating all data, operating systems, programs, and everything else automatically! So finally you got your hard disk drive the way you like it, complete with the applications you ...
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 EZ-Imager Nov 19, 2002 633
EZ-Imager, creates a hard drive image file that allows you to backup, recover, or upgrade your hard drive quickly and easily. Your data is very important, and so we have made EZ-Imager to protect you vital data....
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