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 Any Outlook Backup Jun 1, 2013 589
Any Outlook Backup allow you to choose the Outlook profile for which you wants to backup files. Any Outlook Backup enables you to backup your Microsoft Outlook Data: Personal Folders (Message Rules, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Notes and mail folders) Accounts Settings (registered version only)...
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 SyncPro Backup Feb 19, 2002 520
The purpose of this software is to synchronize , transfer , backup and archive your directories and files by using any of the Following : Using disks ( floppy disk, Zip, Jaz and CD-R/ W, LS, etc..) Between PCs Over Network; Between PC and a Server Over Network; Two hard disks in the same ma...
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 AISBackup Apr 8, 2002 347
AISBackup is a backup program designed to provide backups of your PC data to the following media: CD-R, CD-RW, Removable Media such as Iomega Zip and Jaz drives and DVD RAM, Local Hard Drives, Networked Hard Drives. AISBackup is script based, each script contains a list of files and folders t...
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 Acronis True Image 6.0 Promotional Edition Jan 10, 2004 333
As a demonstration of our belief that Acronis True Image 6.0 is the most advanced and user-friendly hard disk drive imaging solution on the market, we are offering is a limited, one-time conversion discount to Norton Ghost® customers. These customers are eligible to purchase Acronis True Image...
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 Backup2001 Pro Apr 19, 2002 301
Backup2001 Pro is a backup and restore tool for Windows 95(OSR2)/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP. Backup2001 Pro uses an Explorer-like interface to easily access any backup set component. With Backup2001 Pro you can back upBackup your files to floppy disks, SuperDisks, hard drives, network drives, ZIP dr...
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 Paragon Drive Backup 5.5 personal version Jun 3, 2003 281
It will take a lot of time to recover your system - re-install operating system, application - in case of failure or virus attack. Even application installation can affect your OS. The best way to secure the system - backup everything including system information. Or you can backup only system part...
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 GEAR CD-RW May 13, 2003 223
GEAR CD-RW is the user-friendly consumer's choice for recording data and audio CDs with full control over the CD creation process. It has all your favorite features including creation of data, audio, MP3 and video CDs. Looking for a CD-RW software solution that goes beyond simple features? GEAR CD...
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 GEAR PRO Professional Edition Jan 10, 2004 216
GEAR PRO Professional Edition is the premiere software choice for professional-level DVD and CD recording in a Windows environment. Powerful yet easy-to-use, GEAR's Professional Edition generates all the major industry formats and records data, audio, video, digital images, multimedia games, d...
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 nnBackup Jan 10, 2004 200
nnBackup is a command line utility, which allows to fulfil the backup copying in the numbered stack of the directories, to fulfil incremental backup in style of UNIX dump, and also to synchronize the directories in one and in two passes. It is possible to set a inclusion and exclusion masks, to ...
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 SmartBackup Aug 27, 2003 195
Smart Backup is an inexpensive, fast and easy to use backup software for Windows 9x/ NT4/ 2000. Many people recognize the importance of backups when it's too late and their important files are already lost. But often it is difficult to do regular backups of the harddisk, because this takes a long ...
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