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 SmartBackup Aug 27, 2003 205
Smart Backup is an inexpensive, fast and easy to use backup software for Windows 9x/ NT4/ 2000. Many people recognize the importance of backups when it's too late and their important files are already lost. But often it is difficult to do regular backups of the harddisk, because this takes a long ...
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 Zip Backup to CD Jan 10, 2004 198
Zip Backup to CD is designed to backup your data files using the standard Zip file format, allowing backup files to be viewed and restored with most zip file utilities. Zip Backup to CD distributes the files to be backed up in several stand alone Zip files of a size fitting a standard writable CD (...
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 Backup Scheduler 98 International Feb 19, 2002 184
For use with international versions of MS Windows 98. Overcoming some limitations of the Microsoft Window 98's excellent Backup and Scheduled Tasks utilities, this applet schedules and starts an unattended backup job. You can run differential backups nightly and full backups once a week. You can ev...
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 Acronis True Image 6.0 Upgrade Jan 10, 2004 181
Upgrades Acronis True Image Deluxe to Acronis True Image 6.0 Completely protect yourself from fatal system failure backing up and restoring exact hard disk and/ or individual partition images. Acronis' Exclusive: capture and restore disk images in Windows — no need to reboot to DOS even when ...
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 AutoBackup 98 Jan 10, 2004 172
What does AutoBackup 98 do? The Microsoft Windowsa 98 Backup utility provides a simple and convenient method to backup valuable data to tape or disk. However, it does not provide any command line options to allow users to schedule backups using the Microsoft Windowsa 98 Scheduled Tasks utility. Aut...
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 EZ-Upgrader Dec 11, 2003 168
EZ-Upgrader, is an easy to use utility for copying your old drive to your new drive. With only a few simple steps your old hard drive is copied to your new one without losing a single desktop setting, or personal preference, All of your vital data is copied byte for byte....
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 DataSafe Jan 10, 2004 167
How important is your data to you? You could answer this question with mere words, but the steps you actually take to protect your computer's data is the real answer. Backups are an essential part of data protection. If you aren't performing regular backups of your computer data, then you are at r...
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 Part It Jan 10, 2004 165
Part It is an easy to use file splitter and more. This attractive, easy to use 32 Bit file splitting utility can be used to archive, compress, and partition one or more large files into a user define number of parts, or across multiple diskettes. It's sister program Glue It provides a fast and e...
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 Backup-2006 Studio Jun 13, 2007 154
Backup 2006 is a backup and restore tool for Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003 and Windows Vista. Backup 2006 has been designed to be used by novices as well as experts. Backup 2006 comes with a dual interface. It can be run in a Wizard mode, for novice, or in an Expert mode for advanced users. Backup 2006 u...
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 Backup Plus Jan 10, 2004 154
Backup Plus? allows you to create backup sets of all your important data. These sets can include folders, their sub folders, individual files, wildcards and even exclusions. Backup Plus? even includes a backup set creation Wizard to help you get started quickly & easily....
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