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 Mirror Jan 10, 2004 153
Mirror makes sure you have an identical copy of your data in another location. It is excellent if you use removable media such as CD-R and CD-RW and Iomega ZIP and JAZ drives, or if you need to keep your files up to date with those on another system either remotely through dial up networking or on ...
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 Mimic Jan 10, 2004 141
Mimic Mirroring Utility allows you to schedule your backups at predefined intervals or scheduled times throughout the day. Instead of backing up your important data files to tape, why not use disk, the media is usually quicker, cheaper, and easier to restore. How does it work? Mimic backs up ...
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 Write CDs Jun 30, 2004 141
Fully featured Audio and Data CD/ DVD writing. Write on DVD-R/ RW, DVD+R/ RW, DVD-RAM and CD-R/ RW Write Audio CDs, recorded in TAO (Track-at-Once) mode. Write MP3, WMA, and Ogg Vorbis CDs as an audio disc. Extract (Rip) audio CDs to MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV. Free CD-Player. Free Media...
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 Mirror-Mirror Jan 10, 2004 135
Mirror, Mirror is a unique little utility with powerful results. It will backup your important data files every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours or whatever you choose. Unlike traditional backups which need to be performed every day and work by creating a Full Backup and Incremental Backups, Mi...
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 Any Outlook Express Backup Jun 1, 2013 133
Any Outlook Express Backup enables you to backup and restore your Microsoft Outlook Express Data: Rules Backup: Any Outlook Express Backup recognizes the user's rules created in Microsoft Outlook Express and enables the user to backup those rules. Email/ News accounts: Any Outlook Express ...
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 Handy Backup Jan 10, 2004 122
Handy Backup is an easy-to-use yet powerful backup program designed for Windows 9x/ NT/ 2000/ Me/ XP. It makes an automatic backup of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or network drive, CD-R/ W, FTP or LAN. Special plugins are provided to facilitate the backup of ICQ,...
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 WheresJames Outlook Express Archiver Jan 10, 2004 120
Easily archive mail and newsgroups from Outlook Express. A simple step-by-step interface guides you quickly through the backup process. Mail and attachments are exported to html format and can then be viewed with any web browser. Select from multiple html schemes or create your own....
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 MinuteMan Data Backup Suite Aug 20, 2004 115
Your complete backup and zipping solution. Backup Locally from one drive to another, to and from a Network drive and from one Network Drive to another. To any removable media such as Zip, Jaz drive or Floppy. Incremental Zip to removable disk....
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 File Genie 2000 Jan 10, 2004 112
Introducing File Genie 2000 , the most effective and versatile backup application available for Windows® 95/ 98. More than just another backup program, File Genie 2000 keeps your files up-to-date while you work, eliminating the need for daily backups. We all know the importance of regular backups...
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 Backup2001 Pro Jan 10, 2004 109
Backup2001 Pro is a backup and restore tool. It supports Windows 9x, ME, NT4 and Windows 2000. Backup2001 Pro can back up data to hard disk, Zip, Jazz, Syquest or any removable media including CD writers and SCSI tape drive. Backup2001 Pro provides its own scheduler and can work as an NT Serv...
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