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 Backup Scheduler ME International Jan 10, 2004 91
Why do I need this backup scheduling utility? The importance of quality backups of your valuable data is often not appreciated until it is too late. Backing up data to fixed disk, removable disk or tape takes a long time and is best done when no users are on the system...at night for instance. The ...
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 FileTiger Jan 10, 2004 91
FileTiger is a high-power information synchronizer and backup tool for Windows, including XP and 2000 Pro. It helps you keep your information and projects up-to-date, wherever you need to use them, and wherever you need to store them for safety. If you share information in an office, or have you...
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 Backup2001 for non profit organization Jan 10, 2004 91
Backup 2001 is a backup and restore tool for Windows 95(OSR2)/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000. Backup 2001 has been designed to be used by novices as well as experts. Backup 2001 comes with a dual interface. It can be run in a Wizard mode, for novice, or in an Expert mode for advanced users. Backup 2001 uses a...
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 ClipSafe Clipboard Backup Apr 28, 2004 91
ClipSafe backs up data copied to the clipboard, protecting it from accidental erasure. Your computer's standard clipboard can only store one piece of data at a time. Without ClipSafe installed, whenever you copy new data to the clipboard, existing data is lost. ClipSafe begins monitoring your c...
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 Driver Magician Aug 17, 2004 90
Driver Magician is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for device drivers backup and restoration in Windows operation system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Driver files can be backed...
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 WayBack Jan 10, 2004 90
WayBack is a flexible and reliable file backup utility intended for easily creating backups of sets of files from your hard drives onto removable media such as Zip drives and CD-RW drives, and to network drives. WayBack differs from many backup programs, in that files are written to the target dri...
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 Backup4Sure Standard Edition Jan 10, 2004 90
Backup4Sure is an easy to use, powerful backup program that makes your backups quick and reliable. It allows you to protect your files and folders from hardware failure or accidental erasures. For example, if you are working on a set of documents that you have previously backed up and you happen t...
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 Doppelganger XP Feb 14, 2004 89
Doppelganger XP is a backup and restore utility that sits in the system tray and protects against loss of important data by copying selected files and folders to a second hard drive, removable drive (eg Zip Drive) or network drive at user configurable time intervals or set times. Doppelganger only ...
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 PCS Backup Agent Jan 10, 2004 89
PCS Backup Agent allows you to backup anything to anywhere! It backs up files and directories on local and remote computers using URL's, UNC, or local paths. Backed up files are saved in a ZIP file for efficient storage. The backed up files archive (ZIP) can be saved locally or automatically tra...
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 Messenger Backup Jan 10, 2004 88
Messenger Backup is a powerful utility that serves as a companion to your instant messaging software. The program primarily allows you to back-up and restore data related to your messenger. Messenger Backup supports the four major IMs, including ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and MSN Messenger. Great if you use...
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