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 AlmerBackup Jan 10, 2004 87
AlmerBackup is a backup program that allows you to backup your files to floppy disks, hard drives, network drives, Zip drives, JAZ, SyQuest and remote FTP-server. You can create multiple backup jobs and have them start automatically on startup, shutdown or based on a timetable. The program su...
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 IQ Backup Jan 10, 2004 86
IQ Backup® offers the ultimate robust, ultra portable backup solution available for PC users of all levels. With it's easy to use yet highly configurable backup wizard, combined with it's innovative interface, IQ Backup offers easy quick and easy access to all of your backup configurations. For ...
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 Active Backup Expert Std Jan 10, 2004 85
Active Backup Expert is an easy to use backup software. It serves two main goals: creates protected copy (backup) of your files. To store the backup you can use any drive in your system: hard disk, network, CD-RW, CD-R, Jaz, Zip, floppy etc. as well as an FTP remote storage; helps to synchro...
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 Backup2001 Pro site license Jan 10, 2004 83
Backup2001 Pro unlimited site license...
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 Advanced Backup Jan 10, 2004 83
Advanced Backup is a powerful backup utility that makes your backups quick and reliable. The program sits as an icon in the Windows system tray and unobtrusively copies files in the background. The program features backup of E-mail messages and address book, database of your favorite messenger: ICQ...
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 Argentum Backup Discounted Jan 10, 2004 82
Argentum Backup is a handy, small tool that lets you easily backup your documents and folders. It safely protects you from accidental deletes, overwrites, and viruses. Backups are stored in Zip files and can be created both manually and automatically using the schedule. The product includes a num...
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 AxelWebCam Jun 23, 2004 77
This program takes a picture every xx seconds (using your WebCam) and saves the timestamped pictures in the folder where it is installed. Optionnally, the picture is saved only if a movement is detected!...
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 Firestreamer Sep 16, 2004 76
Firestreamer is a software that allows using your Digital Video camcorder or VCR as a reliable computer data storage device. You can store up to 15 Gigabytes of files and folders to a Mini-DV cassette, or even more with the built-in compression enabled. Utilizing a patent-pending technology, Fi...
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 IDAutomation File Replicator Jan 10, 2004 74
IDAutomation File Replicator is a directory mirroring and file synchronization utility that also creates additional backup copies of all updated, replaced or deleted files. It allows laptop users to access data on the server when away from the office and provides a data backup plus disaster recover...
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 Outlook Express Backup Genie Jan 10, 2004 74
Outlook Express Backup Genie is an utility designed to easily create a backup or archive file of your email data from your favorite Email Client, which may easily be restored when necessary. It supports the top 9 Mail Clients: Outlook Express ( 5.x and 6.0 ), Microsoft Outlook, Eudora ( Pro and L...
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