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 3D Sapper Feb 7, 2004 279
In the game you act on a board, covered with chips. Imagine, that you have suddenly found yourself inside your own computer. Let's think that you dreaming or someone has bewitched you. You have a real shovel in your hands. You making two unsteady steps...The chips are sparkling, the incredible sk...
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 GL-AD Popup Terminator Aug 24, 2004 252
Say goodbye to annoying popup Ad window now! GleanerSoft Ad Popup Terminator is an intelligent popup killer that can identify the unwanted popup windows generated by web pages and kill them before they appear on the screen. It includes a user-friendly interface for you to customize it. You can b...
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 Hecktech.ImageHandler Jan 31, 2004 226
The Hecktech.ImageHandler is an ASP.NET HTTP Handler designed to process image files on-the-fly. Gone are the days of pre-generated thumbnails, which can get misplaced, renamed, or not updated when their source images are. With the Hecktech.ImageHandler, you can generate thumbnails on the fly, ...
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 SurfBuddies Mail Mar 1, 2004 215
SurfBuddies Mail is a Windows based POP3 email client. It is designed to run on your computer and access POP3 email accounts provided by SurfBuddies, your ISP or other POP3 email hosting services. By running on your local computer, you are assured that your child's information is under your contr...
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 DigiAny Gold Apr 6, 2004 206
Today, millions of users are storing music on their PC's and must rely on applications designed primarily for other purposes to access and manage their music collections. With DigiAny, users can manage their digital music like never before. With the key features built in DigiAny, users can: -acc...
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 Sprinkling Can Jul 1, 2004 202
Sprinkling Can is a funny 3d shaded Arkanoid-like game, in which you have to destroy ice cubes with steel balls, using a cola can by way of bat. Be fast, because as time go by the can gets warm, until it explodes, sprinkling cola and rocketing away! Happily, balls are cold, because of ice, a...
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 Magic NetTrace Dec 20, 2003 189
Magic NetTrace is an easy-to-use versatile program that combines ping, WHOIS and traceroute functions into one friendly GUI utility. Using this tool you can identify the source of Internet connectivity problems, track down the source of junk mail, find out a geographic location of a web server or...
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 3D Button Creator Gold Apr 13, 2004 1000
3D Button Creator is a tool for calculating 3D-looking buttons to improve the graphical impression of your homepage or to be used in your own program as customized graphical buttons. The usage is very easy. Just open the program and adjust all the parameters of your button with graphical real-time c...
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 SkyMaze Feb 8, 2004 323
Welcome to the wonderful world of SkyMaze. Enjoy the REAL 3D scene and professionally animated characters in this Pacman-like arcade game. Lead your Sky hero through the maze and collect crystals, but caution: bad opponents try to stop you. The full version offers 50 mazes with power shields, free...
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 Brave Dwarves II Feb 8, 2004 939
A fabulous game for entire family Introduction... Happy years are gone without notice.Grateful people of the Fairyland have composed many songs and tales about the dwarves' adventures. Many sumptuous feasts were made up. But the real hero cannot live without the deeds, he is always ready to prote...
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