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 ClipWatcher Jan 27, 2004 119
ClipWatcher helps you manage multiple URLs, e-mail addresses, and file names after they have been copied to the clipboard. Instead of misplacing an important URL, you can always find it, and return to the clipboard when needed....
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 IE Security Pro Dec 1, 2005 68
Internet Explorer Security Pro was created to customize many aspects of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It features unrivalled simplicity of use and rich set of features. Now esily manage your browser settings! For example, with IE Security Pro you can disable individual menu items and prevent o...
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 Novobot Aug 27, 2005 65
Novobot is a smart Web news headline grabber that can process syndicated newsfeeds, as well as almost any Web page with headline-style news. Find all world news at one place! Read them as if you read a newspaper ? with Novobot software it is so fast and easy! Novobot features user0friendly interfac...
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