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 Calculator of Trader Sep 23, 2004 86
Calculator of Trader designed for Forex, Futures and CFD markets traders.It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows a traders of any level to get more freedom. The different options of this calculator, allow great flexibility in trading.It calculate: quantity of lots, size of leverage, ...
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 eComm PRO V2.0 Feb 2, 2004 85
eComm PRO is a complete eCommerce solution designed to put your business online. With eComm, you can take orders 24 hours, 7 days a week, complete with secure order management and credit card processing. An intuitive interface combines ease of use with the kind of features you would expect from a...
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 Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel Feb 2, 2004 83
Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel will determine the impact of a price change on your business. It calculates current breakeven points using revenue, variable cost, and fixed cost inputs. These are combined with estimates for price and sales volume variations to produce revenue and surplus (pro...
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 BS/1 Small Business Feb 2, 2004 82
BS/ 1 Small Business is a suite of accounting programs for small to medium-sized businesses. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory and Sales Analysis. Simple and intuitive interface No accounting experience required Network ready and multi-company Multi-currency ...
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 IP Ware Profit Analysis Software Feb 2, 2004 81
Profit From Real Estate. Created for the Individual Investor, IP Ware allows you to calculate the profit from a Real Estate Investment, and save time as you find the most profitable investments. This Fast and Easy Software saves hours that would otherwise be spent running through spread sheets and...
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 StockMarketMirror Feb 2, 2004 79
A unique stock market analysis program with stock timing, portfolio picking and download of free EOD stock history, research and fundamentals for Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT. Basic program features Free stock history download from web with the delivered standalone multithread StockDownloa...
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 e.Quote Feb 2, 2004 77
e.Quote is an awesome little utility that you can use to keep track of your mutual fund and stock investments. With the click of a single button, e.Quote will automatically search the Internet for up-to-date prices on any number of investments. Set the timer and have it check as often as you'd like...
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 BS/1 Professional Nov 4, 2005 77
BS/ 1 Professional is an integrated time billing and accounting system that includes accounts payable, time billing, accounts receivable, general ledger, inventory, and sales analysis. Billing time against the tasks which make up a job is facilitated by a stopwatch and a time calculator. The ho...
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 Magic Charts (Mac) Feb 2, 2004 76
We developed a tool the Magic Charts to do the difficult work for you! In fact Magic Charts is the only tool you need to make decisions about trading stock! It even has a built-in portfolio so you can see your results at a glance! What is Magic Charts? Magic Charts is a program with point and figur...
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 Borsa TSM Feb 2, 2004 75
Written for experienced and novice users alike, 'Borsa TSM' provides powerful stock market technical analysis capabilities ideal for the technical trader with access to historical financial data for stocks, etc. These data are represented with several kind of charts (Japanese Candles, Closing Lin...
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