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 VCardCom Feb 2, 2004 72
A new credit card number verification component in (Active Server Pages) ASP forms and Active X containers Some terms, along with the meanings they have in the industry: Cardholder: an individual to whom a credit card is issued. Typically, this individual is also responsible for payment of all ...
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 PG Calculator Personal Edition Feb 2, 2004 72
PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard Windows calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in algebraic and RPN mode. It recognizes real and complex numbers and allows v...
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 Intellitrader American Equities Feb 2, 2004 71
INTELLITRADER is a Decision Support System that assists trade decisions on stocks, commodities, securities, and financial instruments. Background: There are different technical analysis model based methodologies used to analyze financial instruments. Based on the outcome of these analyses, reco...
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 BudgetPro Feb 2, 2004 71
BudgetPro is an excellent program designed in Excel. It allows you to track your daily financial transactions. It allows you to track Monthly Expenses, Misc. Expenses, and Deposits. You can even print straight onto your checks, saving you the trouble of having to handwrite checks. The userface...
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 CVaR Expert Aug 24, 2004 71
When you need to make an investment decision, the last thing you want is to have your computer get in the way. Technology should help you reach a decision, not hinder you. This program will allow to manage your portfolio risk in a comprehensive way. With CVaR Expert you can analyse the Value at ...
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 WinShape Feb 2, 2004 70
WinShape is an easy and convenient helper tool for custom user interface / skin design. It builds a non-rectangular shape for window from provided bitmap image. Look at this program, it's shape and the shape of it's buttons were built by it's own previous version. You don't need to build the sh...
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 Commodity Traders Helper Jun 24, 2003 69
The Commodity Trader's Helper is a collection of definitions, examples and references written as a collection of web pages and especially for the new futures trader. The examples and definitions assume no prior trading knowledge and are presented in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, becaus...
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 Finance Helper 2001 Feb 2, 2004 69
Finance Helper 2001 - This program contains the following financial functions: a calculator with loan-comparison capability for various interest rates and term length. Another calculator for determining affordability for mortgage or auto loans, and an actuarial calculator as well as a regular calcu...
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 WinCAPM Feb 2, 2004 69
WinCAPM will allow you to analyze historical data on market prices and easily calculate an optimum investment portfolio. It will also let you generate the "umbrella-shaped" graphic to show the diversification properties of titles and the maximization of the 'Sharpe Ratio'....
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 AztekTrading Forecaster Standard Feb 2, 2004 67
AztekTrading Forecaster products are trading tools, which aim at forecasting stock markets. AztekTrading forecasters use Neural Networks trained by a genetic algorithm. Traditionally, working with neural networks and financial data requires a lot of adjustments on a large number of parameters. Mor...
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