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 XP Icons Feb 10, 2006 12623
Fed up with old boring Windows icons? Want new attractive ones? Then this new extremely popular software is just what the doctor ordered! Camtech 2000 released XP Icons software - a huge icon collection! Trim your Win98/ Me/ Win2000 System with new XP-style icons! Change your Start menu, Desktop, ...
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 CT AutoClick Mar 23, 2004 3127
There are many 'Get paid while you surf' programs and CT AutoClick will surf them for you automatically making money while you're away from your computer. With any of them you have to actually surf pages, move the mouse or have keyboard activity every minute or two. CT AutoClick moves the Mouse i...
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 Signatures Mar 20, 2004 637
Easily create your own Custom Email Signatures. Easy to use program lets you enter 4 lines including click able email address and web site URL. Choose fonts, font color and animated or static graphics of any format to send with every outgoing email. 30 unique free animated gifs included to get y...
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 MemCheck Pro Jan 14, 2004 489
System resources (System) are areas of memory that are used by the Input manager (USER) and the Graphic Display Interface manager (GDI) for keeping track of all of the windows that are open in a session and for drawing objects on the screen. Each time you open a program or window it uses resources. ...
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 Camtech Slots Feb 17, 2004 310
$100 High Roller Slot Machine with animation, lights and sounds. Saves and dislays high score and scorer's name. Option to stop reels automatically or manually to try your skill at 'Timing' the spins. As true to life Casino action as you can get except EVERYBODY WINS!!!...
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 IE Logos Mar 23, 2004 271
Tired of looking at that spinning globe in the upper right hand corner of Internet Explorer? Or the branded version that a web site or your Internet Service installed? Then IE Logos is for you. Not only allows you to change them but also backs up your current set in case you want to restore them....
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 CT Attrib Jan 10, 2004 267
Camtech's CT Attrib will hide, retrieve, clear or set the System, Read Only, Hidden and Archive attributes of folders and files. Capable of clearing entire folders and their contents at one time or setting attributes of individual files. Useful for changing system icons. Change the Date Creat...
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 Password Reveal Pro Mar 24, 2004 238
IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE ORDERING!! Password Reveal Pro requires Internet Explorer 5 or above and will not work with Netscape or other browsers. Refunds cannot be issued for those who ignore this warning. Programs that remember our passwords are pretty handy. The Window opens showing the asterisks...
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 CleanEm Jan 10, 2004 209
Designed in an XP style theme, CleanEm safely remove unnecessary files from your hard drive and covers your tracks. Scans for junk files, clears the Recent Documents list, Run Menu, Office Tracks, WinZip, Media Player, Word Pad and Paint. Also cleans the Temp Folder, Recently Typed Urls f...
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 CT AutoSurf Oct 14, 2003 193
downloads Users! CT AutoSurf will automatically get your points for you in about 6 minutes. Just start the program each day and it will log you in every 20 seconds until you've reached the 100 point maximum. You can run it minimized in the taskbar and run other programs or surf the web without thi...
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