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 Virtual Fruit Machine Feb 16, 2004 10828
Virtual Fruit Machine is an in-house, Legion Software production. A feature packed, top quality slot machine simulation. It features all the gameplay of a standard slot machine, whilst incorporating the fun and variation of a UK fruit machine. All the standard fruit/ slot machine gameplay feature...
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 Briscola Apr 6, 2007 6690
Briscola is a very famous and popular italian card game. MUltimediaSTOre version, with neapolitan cards, provides playing manner having your Computer as opponent. At the starting, each player will receive three cards and the seventh will be discovered next to the pack of remaining. The suit of th...
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 Lotto Pro 2004 Feb 9, 2006 4917
If you like to play lottery games consider Lotto Pro, a wonderful software featuring a great number of lottery games including Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, Powerball, Big Game, Daily Millions, Keystone, and Keno! The salient feature of the program is that it not just generates random num...
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 Big2 to Net Feb 16, 2004 4901
Big2 Chinese Card Games, play it on line with your friend or play it with computer AI....
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 3DJongPuzzle Oct 8, 2016 4551
3DJongPuzzle is a new wonderful solitaire game for Windows. Have fun matching tiles and remove all of the tiles from the game board! Note that they may be removed only in pairs and should be free on their top side and on at least one side (right and left). You can return the removed tiles as many as...
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 TimWins Game Suite Jun 13, 2007 3951
TimWin's Game Suite is a collection of card games and puzzles: BoxE, Go 4 Elevens!, 5 Hand Poker, Pick a Pair, Triple Peaks, Flip Three, Poker Scramble, Rush to 21, Crazy 4 Eights, Run 21, Zip 21 and Word Scramble. No matter if you are an experienced card player or just a neophyte, y...
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 Scala Quaranta Feb 16, 2004 3879
Scala Quaranta uses two packs of 54 French cards. The aim of the game is "to close", that is to make such cards combinations in order to play on the table all the cards in your hand, discarding the last one in the well and leaving the opponent with the greater number of cards in his hand. When a ...
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 Lotto Logic 2004 Professional Feb 16, 2004 3774
Whether you're a regular user or completely new to lotto logic lottery software, you'll love the simplicity and ease of use found in Lotto Logic 2002 Professional Version 5, advanced lotto software. Faster, easier, smarter, more flexible and manageable. New Range Finder and Range Tracker techno...
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 Canasta Jun 21, 2005 3483
Canasta is extremely popular strategy card game that offers an interesting challenge for anyone who likes to play card games. Play against the computer, or even play online over the Internet! If you like Solitaire and Hearts games, you are sure to enjoy Canasta. The aim of the game is to meld card...
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 Scopone Scientifico Feb 16, 2004 2290
This program simulates the presence of 3 other players over you. His peculiarity is the attribution of different characteristics to each of them. So it's possible to find, after some time and looking statistics up, who is the ideal partner for you. In the classic Scopone Scientifico there are 4 un...
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