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 BagEm Aug 13, 2004 80
A new game of cards combining the best of rummy and canasta. In this game you play against Orson Wells. In Canasta you collected baskets of cards and in this game you collect Bags of 7 cards of the same kind or with wild cards. This is an addictive game and if you like rummy or solitaire you will...
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 My Freecell Feb 17, 2004 80
My Freecell is an enhanced version of the classic game Freecell. It is having many features like 3 million starting combinations, undo, redo, replay, scoreboard, open and save....
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 Double Solitaire Feb 17, 2004 80
This is a solitaire game you play with a friend using TCP/ IP or against the computer locally. It is a speed game, that is, the fastest player usually wins. Each player has a local game to play, but all the ace piles are common. The winner is either the one who places all 52 cards on the ace pile...
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 Baker s Dozen Feb 17, 2004 80
Baker's Dozen contains 25 card solitaire games including Aces Square, Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, Block Ten, Carpet, Double Auld Lang Syne, Doublets, Double or Quits, Easy Golf, Five Piles, Fourteen Out, Golf, Monte Carlo, Nestor, Pairs, Pyramid, Pyramid 2, Quadrille, Robert, Suit...
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 Solgames 2004 Apr 28, 2004 77
Solgames 2004 is world's most favorite Solitaire card games collection with 350 different card games with 228 Original games. It includes popular games like Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Forty Thieves, Canfield, Baker's Dozen, Diplomat, Beleaguered Castle, La Belle Lucie, Fan, Sir Tommy, ...
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 Poker Solitaire Pack Feb 17, 2004 76
Poker Solitaire Pack is a collection of 7 solitaire card games based on a Poker theme. The object of the games is to make Poker hands in various ways. It includes the classic solitaire game Poker Squares, as well as original games. In addition to the variety of unique games included in the collecti...
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 slots_gowild Aug 26, 2004 76
Slots_gowild is a 5 reel X 25 Payline videoslot with FreeSpin Feature and wild animal theme. Wild cards substitute for all other symbols except scatters. A combination of 3 or more scatters will trigger the feature where you can win up to 20 free games. During the free games any wild card involv...
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 Video Poker v2.01 Feb 17, 2004 73
Video Poker gives you not one, but four flavors of the popular card game. Play Jacks or Better, Four of a Kind Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild. Start off with a hundred dollars in the bank. Decide if you want to bet a quarter, a dollar, or five bucks with each hand. Once you get a wi...
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 Accessible BlackJack Feb 17, 2004 72
Accessible BlackJack SV is designed specifically for visually impaired computer users. This version contains a copy of the Eloquence software speech synthasizer, allowing everyone to have complete access to this game. Accessible BlackJack SV is an accessible version of the popular card game BlackJ...
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 2M Solitaires Collection Aug 7, 2004 71
A superb collection of 430 solitaire card games. Includes 358 famous classics like Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Yukon, Gaps, and 72 original games. Most games come with optional rules for a grand total of 650 variants. Photo-realistic custom card graphics in 3 sizes (from medium to extra lar...
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