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 TurboHearts Feb 17, 2004 63
Unlock the secrets of playing the game of Hearts. Look at the "hints", where TurboHearts suggests which cards to pass or play. Play a competitive game against strong opponents. Or simply enjoy a game of Hearts, customized to your own playing speed. Entertaining and highly contagious......
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 Three Leaves Feb 17, 2004 63
Three Leaves lets you play addictive card game against friends and computer opponents. Player having the best combination of three cards is a winner. Is it simple? Try to win!...
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 paMemory Nov 19, 2002 62
paMemory lets you turn over and match numbers to make pairs and win points. Challenge another player or the computer. Includes a variety of settings to make the game popular for all age levels....
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 Prehistoric Blackjack Feb 17, 2004 62
When you open the Prehistoric Blackjack you appear in the Stone Age. You see a prehistoric drama. Here it is. Jungle is very dangerous, you know. There are many animals and insects there. They are big and small, repulsive and beautiful. But all of them produce a staggering impression and touch ev...
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 Prehistoric Slots Apr 22, 2004 62
Prehistoric Slots is a fun game, which takes you into the past, and from this very moment your adventures begin. You find yourselves in prehistoric jungle staring at a real mammoth and this gray giant is looking at you too and smiling! Become acquainted it is your assistant. He will help you while...
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 Prehistoric Craps Apr 22, 2004 62
This young man you see in the left part of the game space is a prehistoric inventor and a monkey in the other part of it is his friend. This is the story of their friendship. Very long ago when mammoths trampled down the earth one man lived alone in a cave. Of course, he had relatives and friends,...
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 Japanese Slots Mar 9, 2004 62
The man who stands in the foreground of the picture you see, is the strongest and the most dexterous in emperor's regular army. This evening he is on sentry duty, because of the following occurrence. A month ago Japanese emperor built a new palace and a park to everyone's entertainment. Men, w...
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 Freecell Collection Apr 16, 2006 62
Freecell Collection is a collection of the famous and popular solitaire games consisting of 62 Freecell Games including 14 standard Freecell games and 48 original Freecell games. The new games of this unique games collection were thoroughly developed by the authors of Freecell Collection and offer a...
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 SPITO Feb 17, 2004 61
Race the computer getting rid of your cards faster. Based on the classic game of Spit. Play against the computer and get the smaller stack when you get rid of all your cards. Get rid of your last card and you win!...
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 Classic Baccarat Mar 17, 2004 61
The first things you see in the game space are: a cigarette, a golden wristwatch and a necktie. All these items belong to a powerful man who often visits this place. As many people of this sort he came to his power not very honestly. During his lifetime he did many awful deeds. In his childhood ...
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