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 Lotto Logic 2000 Professional Sep 20, 2005 265
Lotto Logic Professional is powerful lottery software for both neophytes and the most advanced lotto players with easy five step lottery cycle. Lotto Logic is an award winning number analyzer and the recognized global lottery leader, which handles over 90% of all the lotteries worldwide. This fanta...
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 Blackjack Max Gold Feb 7, 2002 261
Who needs Blackjack Max? Blackjack players interested in progressive and regressive betting techniques and money management. What is Blackjack Max? Software for testing almost any betting system imaginable, played in a variety of simulated playing conditions. We believe our tester is a unique produ...
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 Net Cribbage Feb 16, 2004 258
Net Cribbage is one of the earliest and most enduring of the classic card games you can play against computer or real-life opponents. Cribbage is a game where experience counts for a great deal - though luck, of course, has a large part. Net Cribbage provides you with two game table tabs that eas...
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 Solitaire Maniac Feb 17, 2004 252
Solitaire Maniac is the ultimate collection of the most beautiful solitaire games for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000 and XP. It is the collection of spectacular tableau images, melodic music and nice graphics. If you haven't tried any computer based solitaire game this game is for you. If you have tr...
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 Solitaire Plus! Feb 16, 2004 251
Do you often play the solitaire games that come with Microsoft Windows? Would you like more features or more solitaire variations besides Klondike and FreeCell? Are you looking for a card game that is more visually appealing and doesn't have the same old artwork? If your answer to any of these quest...
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 Slot_Cupid Aug 26, 2004 251
Slot_Cupid is a 5 reel X 9 Payline video slot (poker machine). You can play from 1 to 9 lines at bets of 1 to 10 Ability to save up to 5 different games (registered version only) Doubleup feature (registered version only) Access to quick credit A Heart on reels 1 and 2 (or more) will spin the...
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 Superfruit Feb 17, 2004 238
SUPERFRUIT is a superb simulator of a modern fruit machine incorporating many of the features found on them like Win- Spin, Mystery, Nudge, Skill-Climb, Cash Stop, and Jackpot, Repeat Chance, Auto- Hold. SVGA graphics (640*480*256) with Sound Blaster support. A must have for gamblers!...
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 Championship Spades Pro Feb 16, 2004 237
Discover Championship Spades, a versatile card game with playful characters who captivate your family while mastering your skills! Now you can challenge the computer, engage your friends over a local network, or compete and chat in our free Internet lobby....
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 SuperPARTY Mar 24, 2004 234
Super PARTY! is the brand new game from FMSoftware. It has high resolution graphics and large smooth spinning reels. Super PARTY! is a AWP (Amusment with prizes) machine with an exciting feature - you can only win, win, win! This game excellently simulates the fruit machines found in Bingo Halls a...
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 Pretty Good Solitaire Win3.1 Feb 17, 2004 231
Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 100 solitaire games for Windows 3.1, from classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider, to original games invented especially for the program. It features undo/ redo, automatic game saving on exit, selectable card backs, automatic card moving, qu...
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