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 Zoggi Feb 17, 2004 236
Realistic german gambler machine found at german casinos. A lot of features with many kinds of winnings....
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 Domino.RU Feb 17, 2004 235
Domino.Ru is challenging variant of classic Domino. You play against the computer. There are 4-players mode, 3-players mode and 2-players mode. It offers sound, a lot of different colors of background, and domino sets. This game is offered to everybody who wants to have a nice time. This clas...
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 Advanced Video Poker Feb 16, 2004 234
Advanced Video Poker is the cutting edge gambling machine simulator. A game of Video Poker is accompanied by superb sound effects and relaxing musical scores to make your gambling pleasure supreme! Advanced Video Poker features 3 standard versions of this ever popular video game plus 4 additional mo...
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 Analysis Lotto Feb 17, 2004 231
Which bet would you rather take, 6 numbers between 1-50 -OR- 6 numbers between 1-15? Really, this program will show you that nearly any winning lotto number can be picked from only 15 numbers. This lotto software utility is based on the unique Delta system, based on differences between numbers,...
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 Zibax Video Poker 2000 Feb 17, 2004 228
Zibax Video Poker 2000 is a series of card games that imitate poker games found in casino gambling machines. Zibax Video Poker 2000 has wonderful 32-bit graphics, calm music, and amazing sound effects that altogether let you enjoy playing thoroughly. The game also features a variety of different s...
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 Absolute Yukon Solitaire Feb 16, 2004 228
Absolute Yukon Solitaire is a collection of solitaire card games based on the classic game of "Yukon", which traditionally ranks as one of the favorite solitaires of all time. Absolute Yukon Solitaire includes both familiar favorites and new games invented specifically for this collection, and ava...
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 Slot_Golf Feb 17, 2004 226
Slot_Golf is a 20 line video poker machine. Play from 1 to 20 lines at bets of 1 to 20. Any 3 Golf Balls in the window will result in 15 "free" spins being awarded. The Wild Golf Balls only appear on reels 2, 3 & 4. Requirements:- At least 32mb. ram; Sound Card; 230mhz. or greater processor; Video c...
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 Four Corners Feb 16, 2004 225
Four Corners is a standard one-deck solitaire game also known as "Four Seasons", "Corner Card" or "Vanishing Cross"....
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 X-Yatsy Feb 16, 2004 225
Our yatsy game supports up to four simultaneous players, custom skin support on most game elements, two different playmodes and more features. The playmodes are "Free" and "Bound". In free mode you can choose where to place your points after a throw, and in bound mode the points will be placed in...
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 10-20-30 Feb 16, 2004 223
This is not a traditional seven-column solitaire game, where you could just as easily play the game with a deck of real cards - and much more cheaply too, if that was your only reason for owning a computer. The nature of this game sometimes causes you to have a column of 30 cards or more, and whe...
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