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 MessengerLog Gold Mar 17, 2004 117
MessengerLog automatically records everything from your MSN messenger or Windows messenger, including the richtext message, the emotion icons and the status of your contacts. MessengerLog will encrypt the messages with your password and store them safely. MessengerLog has an excellent search en...
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 CypherGuard for Windows Nov 19, 2002 109
A proven stand-alone messaging application with Mercury Primes signature encryption, presence management, chat and file transfer are included to enable a wide variety of business communications....
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 PlexIrc Aug 25, 2004 105
Java based visual IRC client. Supports multiple chat windows, DCC, and all the IRC commands for regular users and operators....
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 X-COM Server Mar 17, 2004 102
Your boss is spying you... YES! Every message/ file you send on your lan can be intercepted by anyone... X-COM can offer you a minimun of privacy: every communications is encrypted using the Blowfish encryption algorithm. You will be able to send messages / files and chat with anyone on your lan an...
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 PopMessenger Mar 17, 2004 98
We enjoy speed and reliability of computing as opposed to rather slow and erroneous human beings. However there are certain tasks that are subject to creative relational thinking possible only in human beings. Modern businesses rely heavily on human communication as well as on proper automation of p...
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 DU Super Controler Mar 17, 2004 92
Features: 1. Easy control over download and upload speed for your internet connection 2. Limit download and upload speed by moving the control sliders. All controls in this program are designed to make it simplest possible in use 3. Download prioritizing prevents upload from degrading the downloa...
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 Spod-Ware May 2, 2003 76
Spod-Ware is a secure, distributed chat room and instant messaging system. Encrypts all conversation for privacy using AES (Rijndael), RSA, and SHA-1, uses access control lists on chat rooms and users, uses URLs for linking rooms together, protocol based on XML and TCP....
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 ComputerExpert 2009 Jan 1, 2009 34
ComputerExpert 2005 was created to help you solve all kinds of problems you face while working with your computer. No matter whether it is any software or hardware problem, or may be programming problems, just ask the ComputerExpert 2005 and get the immediate answer. The developers targeted at the...
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