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Name: Connect
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 2.02
Platform: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003
Size: 992 KB
Author: MG Software
Published: May 16, 2002
Statistics: Connect
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Home Page: MG Software
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Connect - description from

MG Software design kidsafe pc computer games. We create maze games, strategy games, board games and puzzle games for children and adults. We offer free game downloads of our shareware games.

Connect - description from developer:

Connect is a one or two player strategy game with three levels of difficulty. Connect the dots to close the grid cells, just like us older kids did on paper back in the olden days. Each cell on the playing field has 4 sides. Click on a side to close the side. The person(or computer) to click on the last open side of a cell, gets the cell and earns points. Play a friend or play the computer. You earn points for closing cells, more points if it has a bonus, minus points if it has a bomb. There are Surprise cells that can have plus or minus points. The computer is easy to trick when playing the EASY level, but it is not so stupid on the hardest level. If you watch what the computer does you can find ways to beat it. TOP-10 scores are recorded for all difficulty levels. All Windows versions need: 80486+, 16+ colors, 1 Meg on hard drive. REGNOW ONLINE ORDERING at

Connect is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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