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 ODBC Remote Manager Feb 3, 2004 655
ODBC Remote Manager is a superb web based application which allows individuals or hosting companies to access ODBC connections remotely. ODBC Manager user an advanced security system to allow multiple users to connect to a server to configure acessible DSN's. Administrators can assign individual or ...
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 SMTP OCX Apr 17, 2004 402
The SMTP OCX is a an Advanced Active-X Control which integrates RAS and SMTP mail protocols into one easy to manage solution. The SMTP OCX allows you to send Email via any RFC compliant SMTP server which supports SMTP mail relaying. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is one of the Internets stand...
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 POP3 OCX Apr 17, 2004 190
Using this Pop3OCX you can cache and retrieve all of your emails simply and efficiently. Email attachments can also be retrieved and manipulated. This control supports many different methods , properties, events and functions which allow you to seamlessly integrate any application that supports em...
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 Richy 2002 Jan 7, 2004 135
Richy 2002 is the latest version of the Award winning Rich Text box replacement. Previously called Richy, Richy Lite or Richy Pro....
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 vbDevelopment Tools Jan 7, 2004 99
vb Development Tools is an advanced Rapid Application Development tool for use with Visual Basic. The vbDT features the following advanced tools: HTML and Compiled HTML Documentation building tools (New) - Quickly create programming, training or even user documentation. Automatic Code Indentation (...
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 eXicon 2002 Jan 29, 2004 89
eXicon 2002 (short for Extract Icon), is the newest version of the original eXicon application i released in 1998/ 99. The original version of eXicon was not very user friendly and was relatively slow when compared with todays standards. This new version of eXicon expands upon the original version ...
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 Clippy 2002 Jan 28, 2004 82
Clippy 2002 is the new version of our award winning clipboard utility. Clippy 2002 expands upon the foundations laid in Clippy 2001 and Clippy 2000 by including Full Support for HTML Editing using a coders interface or WYISWYG, it also offers 60 advanced and professional Image processing features a...
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 Hypermate Mar 2, 2004 81
Instead of giving a detailed account of the features of Hypermate, which needless to say are more than adequate. I will provide a link to the documentation that comes with Hypermate, this documentation was also written in Hypermate and published using my Blue theme....
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 Spelly 2002 Apr 19, 2004 64
Spelly adds an advanced and extremely robust Spell Checking solution to your applications....
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