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 DBCompare Feb 3, 2004 214
DBCompare compares any two ODBC compliant databases based on structure. This includes Table definitions, Field definitions, and depending on the database vendor, view and query definitions. DBCompare will record the exact differences between databases even if each database is from a different ven...
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 DSN Now! Feb 3, 2004 200
Create ODBC Data Source Names (DSNs) on the fly with the simple click of a button saving your company both time and money! Imagine having to spend 3 minutes per PC to setup a DSN. Now imagine having to setup 100 PCs - that's 5 hours spent creating DSN files!!! At $25 per hour that's $125!!! So you c...
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 Contact Plus Professional Feb 3, 2004 139
Customer relationship management software for the small office or home user. Create unlimited databases, free form notes, define your own user fields, import records from mailing lists or other databases, print mailing labels, create reports and more. You can even calculate the distance to your...
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 Access-to-MySQL Pro Feb 3, 2004 135
Access-to-MySQL Pro is a next generation of Access-to-MySQL program, optimized for bulk database conversion. Being enhanced with a lot of handy features this program makes conversion process even more effective....
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 MySQL-to-Access Feb 3, 2004 126
MySQL-to-Access is a program to convert MySQL databases into MS Access format. Features All MySQL data types are supported Fast conversion engine (10MB MySQL database - in 1 minute on average P-II system) Works with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers Easy-to-use wizard-style inte...
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 VCW VicMan s DataBase Mar 20, 2002 124
VCW VicMan's DataBase is one of the best and the most popular database management programs. The simple interface is oriented to user of ANY skill level. It supports all file formats, text fields, lists, flags, pictures, text, date fields, integer fields etc. You can make unlimited number of D...
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 NotesTree (formerly Tree Database Editor) Sep 15, 2004 120
Have you ever tried to keep a big amount of information in a structure of files and folders and then search in it? It isn't simple, we get a mess, I've tried, I know. This program allows you to well structure your information (such as notes, info about your business, hobby, friends etc.) in ...
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 4TOPS Excel Import for MS Access 2000 Feb 3, 2004 117
4TOPS Excel Import Assistant is an add-in for Microsoft Access. It enables you to import data from Excel in Access in a controlled way. Moving row after row through your Excel table(s) you can instantly fill in missing data or alter erroneous data before transferring them to your database. The Excel...
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 AIRLOG PLUS Feb 3, 2004 116
AIRLOG PLUS is a 32 bit Windows 95, 98, and/ or NT Application written in Access 97. The logbook has the capability to track a variety of flight characteristics, FAA requirements, Pilot currency, with full flexibility for reporting hours. For individuals that do not have Access 97, a runtime v...
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 Table Explorer Feb 3, 2004 112
Table Explorer allows users to connect to any ODBC database and: Store common SQL Queries, specific to each DSN. Save contents of database tables to .csv file for use with Excel, etc. Edit contents of table (requires password)....
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