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 True-Knowledge Apr 23, 2006 72
True-Knowledge is a powerful information database manager that captures, tracks and manages your formatted notes, tips, tricks, source code or other text-based information. Intuitive and flexible, with an easy and familiar Office 2003-style interface, True-Knowledge supports project organizat...
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 ImportDatesCE Feb 3, 2004 70
Import Dates betwen your Database ( .cdb to .cdb)...
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 Electronic Recipe Manager Feb 15, 2004 70
Single User Commercial License (for use on one computer at any business, school or organization) The Electronic Recipe Manager (ERM) is the most user friendly recipe management software available. We are confident you will be pleased with your purchase, but FYIT encourages you to view the demo o...
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 Data Quik Jun 23, 2004 68
Data Quik - The Database File Copier allows you to copy selected fields and records between some of the major Database Files. In general terms, Data Quik-The Database Copy Utility is an add on Database utility that performs the following functions: Copy Data between DBase, Paradox, Access, Exce...
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 Ashkon Stock Watch Feb 23, 2004 68
Ashkon Stock Watch is a desktop application designed for custom technical charting, historical price database maintenance and investment strategy testing....
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 McXtract Feb 3, 2004 66
McXtract is a program which allows to extract fields from a text file, and to prepare the import of a text file to a worksheet or a database. It can be very useful when have to repeat this operation evenly, because the fields definition used to prepare the extraction can be saved into a file, and...
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 FmPro Migrator Feb 3, 2004 65
FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2. -- Generates Perl CGI scripts for MySQL and Oracle -- Process Images via the Web With Ease for MySQL and Oracle -- Host FileMaker Pro databases at an...
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 Module Import Dates Feb 3, 2004 58
Import dates of all database for your OrdersCE Only for OrdersCE 2002 or highter...
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 Full Convert Professional MySQL Edition Sep 13, 2004 57
When you need comfortable way to transfer data from one database to another, Full Convert proves itself as a valuable tool for the task. Full Convert uses native access to databases wherever possible for maximum speed and reliability. Professional Edition adds a powerful action and parameters han...
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 unduplo Feb 3, 2004 56
This tool cleans doubles in databases, lists, spreadsheets etc. import your data in Unduplo You ask Unduplo to clean up the list... Unduplo shows the doubles You can export your data to the original format or a new (csv, dbf, xls, excel..., tab) to use the cleaned list in your databases, spr...
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