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 Build! VB Apr 21, 2004 267
Build! VB automatically adds robust and comprehensive error handling, error reporting and debug functionality to your Visual Basic application, component or control. Any specific error handlers you have in place will continue to work, whilst any untrapped errors will be captured, diagnosed and ...
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 ASP Upload File Developer Kit Apr 21, 2004 179
The developer kit includes all of the source code necessary to develop your own custom upload file components. Over 1, 000 lines of structured and easy to maintain source code, the source code is commented to ensure that it is easy to follow....
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 Palm Debugger Nov 19, 2002 174
UNIQUE TOOL FOR DEVELOPERS! Manage all PDB data and Resources on-line from Palm device. Ideal for debugging, analyze and fix problems... Get information about: - Device resources: view statistics, software versions, etc. - DataBases: view, Sort and Print all data, size, version, backup an...
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 Script Debugger IDE Aug 20, 2004 171
Script Debugger IDE is a development platform for building custom business solutions. It includes a powerful script and form editors and debugging tools. Script Debugger IDE can be integrated in any application. This inclusion makes it much easier for developers to create custom solutions using Scri...
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 BugCollector Pro Apr 21, 2004 166
Cryptime - encryption program, in which the time works for You! Main difference - possibility of installation of limitations by time of decrypting of files, in this case, even knowing the password, the file. You encrypt the file: install the password, time of decrypt on tomorrow from 10:00 to...
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 SmartTrace Apr 21, 2004 162
SmartTrace is software that provides an easier way to trace your applications activity and allows consolidation application logs such as error tracking, messages, debug strings and much more. It is a common situation when applications have to tell you something if something goes wrong; internal er...
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 ResMe Standard Apr 21, 2004 136
ResMe examines all the source code in your Visual Basic® project to extract user interface strings that should be placed in a Resource file. Sophisticated, customizable rules are used to determine if a string is a candidate for being translated. A code generator automatically creates initialization...
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 Bug Tracking/Defect Tracking 10 User License Aug 2, 2004 87
Bug Tracker is a high-performance windows application for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, and managing bugs during software development and software testing stage. The auto task assignment makes it easy for you to assign the bugs to the proper developer and saves your time and mo...
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