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 SpeedConnect Pro Package Dec 13, 2003 114
SpeedConnect Pro Package includes both SpeedConnect and IPexpress software products. SpeedConnect will increase the data transfer rate for your Internet connection and IPexpress will access servers directly by theirs IP address, will minimize the time to reach a server on Internet and will block th...
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 Speedy Web Navigator XP Dec 13, 2003 113
Speedy Web Navigator XP has three features, which speed up your web surfing, downloads, stabilizes online gaming, and reduces lag. It has a DNS Optimizer that enhances your bookmarks for immediate page loading and faster surfing, a Cable/ DSL/ Dial-Up Modem Optimizer to configure your Windo...
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 RASMaster Mar 25, 2002 113
RASMaster is an easy-to-use RAS manager with a built-in reconnection utility, IP notifier, keep-alive utility, and a dial-up scheduler.RASMaster is a complete RAS connection manager for dialup or DSL PPOE Internet accounts. RASMaster combines an Internet reconnection utility, IP notifier, dial...
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 HiDialer 2000 Dec 13, 2003 109
HiDialer 2000 is a multipurpose utility for Windows designed to assist you with connecting to the Internet. It allows you to easily establish an Internet connection by simply selecting it from a handy icon in your system tray. HiDialer 2000 can automatically launch one or more of your favorite appli...
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 Amazing Dialer Dec 13, 2003 109
This powerful program provides everything you need for working with the dial-up Internet connection. If you experience sudden hang-ups, if you want your computer to connect to the Internet at specific time or when some application requests an Internet connection - Amazing Dialer is exactly what you...
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 RascalPro Dec 13, 2003 109
Rascal is an advanced dial-up session manager for users who need a single reliable solution for keeping their connection alive. Rascal monitors your dial-up sessions to make sure that you stay connected. It does this by simulating network activity to fool idling detectors and by restoring the connec...
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 ConnectPal Professional Dec 13, 2003 108
ConnectPal Professional brings convenience to the Windows Dial-Up Networking. It boasts automatic-redial capability, removing the hassle of hitting the Connect button each time the line to your ISP is busy. It's a fully customizable, automatic program launcher that allows you to run up to five dif...
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 Advanced Call Center CD-ROM Dec 13, 2003 99
Advanced Call Center is a full-featured yet easy-to-use answering machine software for your voice modem. All necessary functions are supported: Caller ID lets you see and hear who's calling via screen pop-ups, distinctive rings, call recording, and caller's name announcement with speech synthesis...
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 DiaLog32 Dec 13, 2003 99
Phone dialer and logger with speed dialer and outgoing and incoming call timing and logging. Calling card dialing. Up to 4 address books, 6 phone numbers and 4 other Ids (email) per entry. Tone or pulse dialing - redial busy number. Accepts 1-800-Egg-Head. International dates and times. Up to 3 app...
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 Internet Access Manager Oct 3, 2005 97
Internet Access Manager is a nifty little utility you can use to greatly simplify your access to the Internet or to another computer. It's designed to help you make and maintain Internet connection with as little fuss as possible. Integrated connection manager has flexible time scheduler for au...
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