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 AreaCodes for Windows Dec 13, 2003 65
With the proliferation of mobile phones, fax machines, modems, and all the other devices that use the phone system to communicate, the North America Numbering Plan Administration is constantly changing the area code system throughout the country. New area codes are added, old area codes are spl...
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 AffirmativeAction DUN Dec 13, 2003 64
Having problems with Dial-Up Networking (DUN) not saving your password? AffirmativeAction DUN solves this problem, and can also automatically press the "Connect" button, minimize the "Connected" window and send it to the system tray (like Win95-OSR2 & Win98)....
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 DISCo WatchMan Upgrade Dec 13, 2003 61
DISCo WatchMan intended to monitor contents of e-mail boxes, frequently visiting or favorite pages for changes and to notify users about them automatically. The only solution that allows user not to load the whole page but look through the list of changes first. In vast majority of changes the info...
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 Comtun Pro Jun 30, 2004 47
A powerful and easy to use Proxy/ Firewall for internet connection sharing. ComTun has many advanced features useful for both business and home use. With support for access control and banner blocking, you have ultimate control of your connection. A fully customizable firewall protects you from...
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 IE Secure Master Apr 26, 2004 46
Protect Internet Explorer. Clear cookie, cache, history and password. Configure modem, cable and ADSL for better performance. Repair system setup and protect regedit. 1.Configure modem cable and ADSL for better performance. 2.Protect Internet Explorer. 3.Clear cookie, cache, history and...
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