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 ACT-To-Outlook Convert Mar 21, 2004 96
Convert ACT! 2000 Contacts into the equivalent Outlook contacts, including todo's, calls, and meetings...
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 ACT-To-Outlook Professional Mar 21, 2004 95
Convert, Update, and Transfer ACT! 2000 databases into Outlook/ Exchange Contacts...
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 MailBeamer Mar 21, 2004 95
MailBeamer is a SMTP, POP3 and HTTP gateway for Microsoft Mail. Works with: Any version of MSMail, even with the postoffice edition that comes with Windows; Any MSMail client like Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000 can immediately send and receive messages to the Internet; Any POP3 client like Outlook Ex...
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 MailGate for 5 Mailboxes Mar 21, 2004 93
MailGate is... an incredibly simple way to provide individual mailboxes and Web access to everyone on the network - in minutes. MailGate is... an integrated, scaleable, mail server and Web proxy solution. MailGate is... a piece of network software that runs on the PC you use to control your Inte...
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 Express Mail@Mate Mar 21, 2004 93
Express Mail@Mate is a versatile e-mail notification program that runs as a convenient taskbar icon and does much more than just tell you when you've got new e-mail. It delivers new messages to Inbox of your e-mail client and allows to read incoming messages, create new, delete needless ones, ext...
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 QK SMTP Server Mar 21, 2004 91
QK SMTP Server is a powerful but easy-to-use smtp server software, which can send mails from localhost to the recipients' mailboxes directly at an amazingly high speed. Arrived or not, you will get a feedback instantly. QK SMTP Server can work with most mail client software, such as Outlook Expr...
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 MAPInotify: Shadow of POWER! Mar 21, 2004 90
MAPInotify: Shadow of Power! is an advanced skinable mail-checker utility that can monitor unlimited number of mailboxes, IMAP4 folders or any Microsoft Exchange folders and notify you in any number and combination of ways. It is compatible with Outlook 9x/ 2000/ XP, OutlookExpress, Microsoft Mai...
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 DzSoft Mail Check Mar 21, 2004 88
DzSoft Mail Check lets you quickly see if you have new mail waiting in any of your POP accounts and clean them from spam (junk email). Can protect you against I-Worm.Sircam virus (internet worm). Able to use customized skins that let you alter the appearance of the program. Has advanced anti spam fe...
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 Email Forwarder Mar 21, 2004 87
This utility monitors your Microsoft Outlook email and selectively forwards your new messages to an outside email address. This forwarding even works through corporate firewalls and is ideal for getting your company email while away on business trips or any time you're out of the office. The utili...
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 Letterman Spam Control Std Sep 23, 2004 87
- Preview and Delete emails on the server from Letterman - Filter spam from Outlook, Outlook Express - Distinguish between Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean charset - Block connections from emails - Hide trace from spammers - Customisable pre-defined system rule...
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