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 Better Letter Mar 22, 2004 58
Create & maintain a newsletter service easily and improve your business. With Better Letter you can collect subscribers automatically and send them either plain text or HTML newsletters. Includes spell checking, multi threaded sending. No special E-mail account required as Better Letter will use...
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 ExLife Std Mar 21, 2004 58
ExLife enhances the MS Exchange Client, MS Windows Messaging and MS Outlook by adding useful features. You can create an unlimited number of filters to automatically move (copy, reply, forward, redirect, print, save, store sender's and recipients' information to address book, ...) messages t...
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 Mail Direct Mar 21, 2004 58
Mail Direct is a program that will allow you bypass your ISP's mail server and use your computer to send e-mails directly to recipients. The program can do this because it has a built-in SMTP server which you can use instead of your ISP's mail server. All you have to do is set up your e-mail client ...
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 Blue Squirrel Mar 21, 2004 58
The problem of Spam is getting worse. Jupiter Media Metrix estimates that consumers will receive about 206 billion junk e- mailings in 2006-an avg. of 1, 400 per person per year. The same article stated that spam costs an estimated $1 per piece in lost productivity. I'm sure you can agree when we s...
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 Upgrade to G-Lock EasyMail Professional Mar 22, 2004 57
Important Information! These upgrades are for existing customers of G-Lock EasyMail Standard edition only. If we don't find your name (or email address) in the customer database, we'll have to cancel the order. ATTN!: The unlock key for your software will be sent you by email. Please take special...
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 Inbox Mar 21, 2004 57
Inbox helps you filter email from your mail account. In other words, you get to delete spam before wasting time downloading it....
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 Active Email Monitor Mar 21, 2004 57
Active Email Monitor is an email utility that can check multiple accounts for email, but it can do so much more. The program is more than just an "email checker" and can protect you from garbage mail and harmful elements that are often sent via email. Active Email Monitor serves to protect from jun...
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 Advanced Maillist Manager Mar 22, 2004 56
Advanced Maillist Manager (AMM) is designed to process incoming messages that contain subscribe/ unsubscribe/ etc requests. A set of rules allows flexible adjustment of criteria for detection request messages. Using the template editor, you can change appearance of auto replies sent to users....
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 AutoMail (personal license) Mar 21, 2004 56
A pretty small utility that will help you send files by e-mail from Windows Explorer with one mouse click. Features: * ZIP compression support * VERY little and fast * subfolder processing...
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 Casper Spam Hunter Sep 18, 2004 56
Be able to check your mail server without downloading the entire email messages or allowing viruses into your system. You can be assured that the mail which reaches your mail box has been filtered at the mail server and is absolutely clean. Casper Spam Hunter is a powerful software with effectiv...
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