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 Signatures Mar 20, 2004 629
Easily create your own Custom Email Signatures. Easy to use program lets you enter 4 lines including click able email address and web site URL. Choose fonts, font color and animated or static graphics of any format to send with every outgoing email. 30 unique free animated gifs included to get y...
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 Advanced Email Verifier Jan 9, 2003 624
Advanced Email Verifier is designed for system administrators, webmasters, programmers as well as for those advanced users who have their own mailing lists and would like to keep them up-to-date. Advanced Email Verifier verifies every email address from a given mailing list, allows to determine ...
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 Address Magic Personal Edition Mar 20, 2004 500
Address Magic Personal Edition helps you to quickly import your email address book from one email application to another. For example, if you have decided to use the Netscape email application instead of Outlook Express, the Personal Edition will copy the address book from Outlook Express to Netsc...
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 Magic Winmail Server Mar 20, 2004 469
Magic Winmail Server is a professional and easy-use mail server software, supporting SMTP, POP3, multiple domains, anti-virus, SMTP authentication, remote control, spam filter, user and domain alias, quotas, mail group, mail route, mailbox monitor....
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 TopMail Mar 20, 2004 395
TopMail is an email client that lets you send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address. All you need is to be online, you don't need to have an email account. With TopMail you can instantly send out emails that appear to arrive from any email address or name you want. TopMail ca...
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 MaxMail Mar 20, 2004 339
MaxMail is a Mass e-mailing utility. Send e-mails with or without attachments. To all your contacts without any problems. Simple and Effective. If you need to send e-mails to your mailing list(s), community, groups etc. Then MaxMail is what you need. MaxMail is shareware, which means you can use ...
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 Advanced Maillist Verify (Developer Edition) Mar 20, 2004 324
Advanced Maillist Verify (AMV), version 4.22, released on January 10, 2002. AMV is a program that verifies the validity of e-mail addresses in databases, address books and mailing lists. Now that's not just a standalone program - it can be easily integrated into existing systems using open COM/ ...
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 Outlok Express Database Converter Mar 20, 2004 263
Outlook Express Database Converter will save large email database into smaller CHM files. More convenient and fast way to search for emails is available. You will have access to stored emails database from almost any computer with Windows OS installed. THE PROGRAM REQUIRES OUTLOOK EXPRESS 5.xx...
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 Email Collector n Sender Mar 20, 2004 262
Email Collector & Sender is a very useful tool especially for webmasters, authors, software developers etc. Now, you can easily create email lists. Collect emails separate them from a text or an html file and write them all together into a text file. Drag and drop a site from your explorer to Ema...
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 Chrysanth Mail Manager Aug 16, 2004 219
Chrysanth Mail Manager is designed from the ground up to help users deal with the increasing problem of junk email or "SPAM". The program lets users identify and filter junk email on their mail server without having to download the email first. This saves on time and resources, conserving bandw...
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