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 Message Parse May 1, 2009 31
Message Parse was designed to retrieve information from your email messages and create user defined text documents, that can be imported by other programs such as databases, spreadsheets, accounting packages etc. The output file that the data is sent to is a delimited text file, each line repres...
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 Come In And Save Out Sep 16, 2004 30
Come In And Save Out is an Outlook Add-In, which allows you to watch your Inbox and automatically save specific (or all) incoming e-mails to disk in various formats!...
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 Process Apr 22, 2004 30
Process Them is an email processor that allows you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 Mailbox or which are already in your Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook e-mail client so you don't have to do it manually any more. This is a great timesaver for people who receive a lot o...
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 SpamAid Mar 7, 2007 27
SpamAid protects your Microsoft Outlook Inbox from spam and unsolicited emails. SpamAid works with all mail accounts supported by Outlook: POP3, IMAP, HTTP and Exchange. SpamAid uses built-in algorithm of message filtration, which is based on Bayesian approach of defining whether a message is spa...
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 MailZip Pro Sep 25, 2006 24
MailZip Pro is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2002/ XP and 2000. Trial version of MailZip Pro for Microsoft Outlook has no limitations (except trial message in outgoing emails). You can order the fully licensed version of MailZip Pro for MS Outlook.MailZip Pro is the powerful Microsoft Out...
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 MessageLock for Outlook 2007/2003/XP/2000 Oct 2, 2007 24
MessageLock for Outlook 2003 is a wonderful security solution for e-mail sending and receiving. As you know both the e-mails we send and the attached files are no so secure as one could imagined. And if the message is not secure anyone can intercept it and use the information. MessageLock for Outloo...
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 Rich Mailer Dec 24, 2011 24
Main features of Rich Mailer: Sending personalized e-mail messages; Maintaining customized email templates; Rich Mailer generates messages from templates dynamically while sending; Importing e-mail addresses of subscribers; Delivering messages via outgoing server or directly to mail boxes.Maint...
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 Complete Mail Server Jan 1, 2007 24
Major features of Complete Mail Server: POP3 server protocol for picking up mail delivered to the local users; Direct delivery to the destination or delivery through a set of gateway servers if direct delivery is unavailable; High-performance multi-thread kernel of Complete Mail Server for mail s...
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 Easy SMTP Server Dec 24, 2011 23
Major features of Easy SMTP Server: It is the essential tool for laptop PC; Easy SMTP Server provides e-mail security and privacy; Supports multitude of SMTP connections concurrently; Easy SMTP Server is easy to use and configure; It is very fastSend e-mail messages easily and securely from you...
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 msgdetach May 9, 2010 20
Provides an easy to use utility to scan through your stored email files and extract and archive the attachments found in those emails. Now uses Outlook to read Microsoft Outlook .msg formatted email files. Added support to extract embedded or attached eml files. Requires Microsoft Outlook.Detach Ema...
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