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 QK SMTP Server Aug 8, 2005 14
QK SMTP Server was developed to be powerful yet easy to use SMTP Server software and send your mail directly from the local host to the recipients' mailboxes at a remarkably high speed. This wonderful application works with all mail clients, such as Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail, the...
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 EP-Gateway Mar 22, 2008 13
EPGateway is a new and inventive way of processing and managing email messages automatically. EPGateway automates all the steps and actions you are performing manually on your inbound messages. EPGateway allow you to create a set of commands and run them in sequence against the email messages. Wi...
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 msgdetach May 9, 2010 13
Provides an easy to use utility to scan through your stored email files and extract and archive the attachments found in those emails. Now uses Outlook to read Microsoft Outlook .msg formatted email files. Added support to extract embedded or attached eml files. Requires Microsoft Outlook.Detach Ema...
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