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 MailMate Anti-Spam Expert Aug 17, 2004 216
MailMate is a simple, yet powerful Anti-Spam software to keep you away from the pain of junk email without changing your habit of receiving emails. MailMate does not work as some other anti-spam software, which should be run before receiving your emails, and killing spams on the server to allo...
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 POPcon Pro Mar 20, 2004 213
POPcon PRO connects your POP3 mailboxes to your MS Exchange Server?. It contains all of the features of the POPcon Standard version plus the antivirus and rule-based distribution functions. POPcon download the emails from POP3 mailboxes and distributes them to exchange mailboxes according to the rec...
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 CS Email Deleter Mar 20, 2004 212
Works with Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP. Delete emails without having to download them. FAST...
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 Allenchow Webmail Checker Mar 20, 2004 204
A webmail and POP3 notification utility that can check multiple accounts for most of the Webmail Servers including Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Excite Inbox, ...... A pop up message with sound lets you know that mail has arrived. Full HTTP proxy options are supported. You can even view, reply, forward a...
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 HS Multi-Email Sender Aug 24, 2004 198
Multi-Email Sender is a software which sends e-mail to a list of e-mail adresses in HTML or plain format. What differs from a standard e-mail tool is that it does not need any specific configuration: 1) It does not need any host name for sending e-mail (SMTP server). It acts as an SMTP relaying so...
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 Bulkmail Mar 20, 2004 194
Bulkmail III lets you maintain multiple mailing lists in a single file and discriminate between them or combine parts of them at will by using sixteen "switches, " plus various other discriminators combined in instantly selectable "filters" that you define and name. The system has a "template" that ...
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 CodeWiz Mar 20, 2004 193
CodeWiz is a all purpose UU Encoder/ Decoder. New Features: Support for Encoding / Decoding to UU, Base64, Quoted Printable, and URL. Encode to the UI to save, or decode text to the UI to save. Encode to a file, or decode an encoded file from the UI to a file. Batch Processing. Decode multipl...
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 EZMail Mar 20, 2004 190
EZMail is an easy to use email program. EZMail Functions include: Email Receive; Email Send; Multiple Profiles; System Tray Icon; Create/ Save Recipient Lists; Mass Mail; Spell Check; Address Book Plug-in (NEW)...
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 Cerber Mar 20, 2004 189
Cerber allows to remove unneeded messages before downloading them in order to save time and money. Filtering can be based on E-Mail address, phrase in subject and/ or size. Cerber can be used to preview and manage messages. It supports unlimited number of POP3-based mail servers and accounts. It is...
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 Email Collector n Sender Mar 20, 2004 188
Email Collector & Sender is a very useful tool especially for webmasters, authors, software developers etc. Now, you can easily create email lists. Collect emails separate them from a text or an html file and write them all together into a text file. Drag and drop a site from your explorer to Ema...
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