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 Emoticons Mail Apr 22, 2004 133
Emoticons Mail is designed specially to insert funny smileys in your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express emails. If you want to make someone special smile or let somebody know what you really mean when you make some casual statement, this program is ideal for you. Emoticons are category-based, ...
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 LiteMail Mar 20, 2004 132
LiteMail is a fast and easy to use Mass Mailer. It supports mail merge, attachments, HTML, Image Embedding, Internal SMTP Server, Subscriptions, Multipart messages, several list management features and more. You can import existing mailing lists from comma-separated files, Windows Address Bo...
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 Mail Redirect SL Mar 20, 2004 130
Mail REDirect is an email routing utility that allows you to retrieve mail from POP3 mailboxes and distribute this mail to one or multiple destination addresses by SMTP. Downloaded mail can be redirected to MS Exchange Server. This program can be used to redirect messages to the MS Exchange Server....
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 Advanced E-mail Verifier CGI Edition Mar 20, 2004 126
Advanced Email Verifier will check every email address from a given mailing list and determine if e-mails are still valid. AEV is easy to use, but powerful and reliable utility to verify and clean up your mailing list....
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 Email Forwarder Mar 20, 2004 122
The Email Forwarder is a utility which will selectively forward your Microsoft Outlook Email to any other email address. It is ideal for checking your workplace email while at home or on a business trip. Click on the download link below here to download and try out the program for 14 days. The c...
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 Voice Mail Special 2.0 Dec 14, 2003 121
A fully automatic voice mail sender - almost the opposite of an answeringmachine: Send a letter with your personal voice ; Make telephone calls - when you sleep or for some reason are not available; Send the same voice message to different people; Record your voice message in advance; Ever wanted to...
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 Advanced Email Locator Mar 20, 2004 121
Advanced Email Locator is designed to obtain detailed information about an e-mail address. With this software you can identify the country of e-mail registration, find out if the e-mail is hosted on a "Free email" server (a server that provides free e-mail addresses, for example HotMail) and to ge...
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 Spam Assault Mar 20, 2004 118
Spam Assault Pro! works to get you removed from the bulk mailing lists. It accomplishes this by sending "Undeliverable Mail" messages to the sender. While you're waiting to get removed, Spam Assault!Pro lets you manage junk mail by supporting an unlimited number of blocked senders and domains (inc...
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 XWall Mar 21, 2004 118
XWall is a firewall to protect your Exchange Server from virus, spam mail and dangerous attachments. XWall scans your incoming and outgoing messages for viruses and blocks attachments so that your users do not fill the Exchange Server with unnecessary or dangerous files. XWall blocks spam mail by c...
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 OSK (Outlook Survival Kit) Dec 14, 2003 118
OSK (Outlook Survival Kit) is an Outlook addon utility kit that every outlook user needs to survive the everyday burdens of mail. Utilities include: 1. The Disarmer - removes read receipts from Outlook messages. 2. The Rearmer - Sends the read receipts for 'disarmed' messages. and many more......
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