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 Voice Mail Special Mar 20, 2004 104
A fully automatic voice mail sender - almost the opposite of an answeringmachine. Send a letter with your personal voice. Make telephone calls - when you sleep or for some reason are not available. Send the same voice message to different people. Record your voice message in advance. Ever wanted to ...
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 Mailbag Assistant Mar 20, 2004 100
If you're buried in e-mail, Mailbag Assistant will save you time and frustration. This e-mail management software complements your mail program without interfering with it or modifying its message files. It reads and processes your current and archived e-mails with ease, whether they are stored on...
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 Spam Buster 2001 Mar 21, 2004 99
Spam Buster is an e-mail filtering utility to limit the junk e-mail that you receive in your POP3 e-mail box (AOL, MSN, CompuServe, Yahoo, and Juno are not POP3 accounts). It is not an e-mail program, but it can be used in conjuction with the e-mail program you already use. Before you can begin...
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 ePostMan Mar 21, 2004 98
Does your e-mail client application... - start up within a second ? - handle up to 50 accounts automatically - check your mail boxes periodically in the background or - even run as a WindowsNT service ? - download new messages as standard text-files, which you can read with your favorite text ...
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 MailGate for Unlimited Mailboxes Mar 21, 2004 98
MailGate is... an incredibly simple way to provide individual mailboxes and Web access to everyone on the network - in minutes. MailGate is... an integrated, scaleable, mail server and Web proxy solution. MailGate is... a piece of network software that runs on the PC you use to control your Intern...
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 Email Server Software CMailServer Mar 22, 2004 98
CMailServer is an economic Internet/ Intranet mail server with web mail. It is great for small and medium sized companies and organizations that need a mail server. CMailServer allows every computer in network to send and receive e-mails across the Internet and within the LAN. It also provides web m...
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 Maillist Express Dec 14, 2003 97
MailList Express is similar to mail merge in Word Report Builder - you create a form letter and merge personalized data into each letter. This program allows users to write personalized letters using message templates. Thus, if you have a client database you can create a single letter template an...
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 Peek@Mail Mar 21, 2004 97
Peek@Mail is an email checking program that empowers you to "peek" at your emails, filter and delete them, respond to them or compose and send new emails. Peek@Mail works by peeking at your ISP's email server before they get delivered to the email program on your PC. It is the MUST HAVE utility fo...
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 MailRobot Mar 21, 2004 95
Electronic Mail classification/ notification agent. Unlimited POP3 accounts. Uses RAS or existing network connection. Advanced scheduling including day, time and system power status for each account. Powerful message classification system typeclasses each message. Classify messages by sender, re...
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 Rexmail Mar 21, 2004 95
Inetllisync, the bundled synchronisation software supplied with the Rex6000, is great for sync'ing to Outlook. What it doesn't do, however, is sync. the inbox. What Rexmail does is fill that gap and allow you to read emails offline on the Rex and compose new emails offline on the Rex. I get a l...
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