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 G-Lock EasyMail Mar 9, 2011 783
If you are looking for simple, user-friendly yet very powerful e-mailing software you found it - G-Lock EasyMail! It is intended mostly for business needs, although simple users can also greatly benefit from it! Now you will be able manage your own mailing lists and send your group email campaign...
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 WorldCast Feb 3, 2005 701
World Cast is wonderful software featuring two tools in one: bulk e-mail sender and e-mail address validation tool. It's suitable for both individuals and businesses usage for mass-sending customized e-mail messages to the customers, newsletters, business notices, internet marketing, CRM an...
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 Outlook Express Archive Pro Nov 1, 2005 431
Outlook Express Archive Pro (now Outlook Express Email Saver) will help you save your e-mail the easy way, to any drive, with automatic scheduled backups. Protect your e-mail now with Outlook Express Email Saver, save it to any drive or device, zip it, compress it, and do it easily and instant...
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 dMailer Feb 3, 2004 365
dMailer is a multithreaded bulk emailer. dMailer will connect directly with the SMTP server of a given email address, which means very fast email delivery speeds. The message is instantly available in the destination mailbox of a given address. dMailer also includes two powerful commands for import...
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 Advanced Direct Remailer Oct 12, 2005 349
Looking for powerful remailer and mass mailer? Consider Advanced Direct Remailer software. This program sends your message right to the recipient's mail server without your ISP's SMTP server. Advanced Direct Remailer features multi-threaded direct delivery, and so it is one of the fastes...
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 Mail Them Pro Feb 2, 2006 346
If you need a program for mass mailings and mailing lists management, Mail Them Pro is what you are looking for! This program is designed for mass mailings and e-mail extraction from newsgroups. It has its own high-performance built-in SMTP server, so you don't need to use your ISP's SMT...
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 Talking E-mail Feb 1, 2005 301
Talking E-mail is a highly customizable very easy-to-use e-mail notifier that enables you to listen to your incoming messages as they arrive, via animated characters that pop up on your screen. The software resorts to Microsoft Agent technology to read the messages. You can customize what informati...
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 MailNavigator Dec 1, 2005 255
MailNavigator is a mail and news client with a powerful message search system and some unique features. MailNavigator software has been created out of combination of filter for search the information in the mailboxes and folders of the majority of popular mail programs, and navigator, very handy m...
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 Speaking Email Deluxe Oct 7, 2005 203
Speaking Email Deluxe is more than just an e-mail client: it can read e-mail messages out loud as well as send spoken e-mail messages. It uses Microsoft Agent characters to read your e-mail messages (plain text, HTML and embedded HTML). It reads header and message content and allows you sending spe...
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 TabMail Feb 3, 2004 195
TabMail is a mail user agent (MUA) designed for sending, receiving, and managing your e-mail messages. It is a small-but-powerful application that supports Unicode chars in messages and conforms to Internet standards. Other features include the ability to attach other messages such as regular file...
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