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 FileSync Feb 17, 2006 12891
FileSync is extremely easy to use file/ folder synchronisation utility and is the most complete solution for keeping your desktop and your notebook computer up-to-date and in sync. FileSync supports long file names, handles nested subdirectories, and allows you to specify file types to compare and...
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 EF Commander Nov 6, 2018 8225
EF Commander is a complete file manager. If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander or FAR manager, you'll like this dual-windowed program, which comes complete with bubble and online help. You can search directory trees and directories and perform actions, including Run, on files....
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 Archivarius 3000 Sep 30, 2018 8037
Archivarius 3000 is the system which understands natural language queries (English, German, Spanish, French for example). Documents can be searched by keyword or using query language, the same like in Internet search engines. While searching, the program automatically generates all forms of wor...
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 EF File Catalog Sep 27, 2018 7662
EFCat is a powerful program that help you to catalog all your drives (CD-ROMs, ...). Browse and handle like folders the ACE, ARC, ARJ, CAB, GZIP, LHA, RAR, TAR, TGZ, ZIP and ZOO archives. Extract automatically descriptions from files like MP3, executables or FILE_ID.DIZ. Multilingual.Cata...
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 DBF Recovery Apr 28, 2017 6107
DBF Recovery is a great new utility for recovery of any damaged and corrupted DBF files with a whole set of remarkable powerful features. DBF Recovery not only fixes headers but also analyzes actual data structures and tries to fix them! This is the salient features and the greatest advantage of thi...
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 FileMonkey Jun 24, 2018 6019
The FileMonkey File operations utility automates various file operations which would otherwise be tedious and time consuming. This is a shareware product. Main features of FileMonkey include: Perform search and replace on file/ folder names and file contents Rename multiple files/ folders to match...
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 ECMerge Standard (Windows) Dec 3, 2015 5638
ECMerge Standard (Windows) is a wonderful utility for software engineers, developers, web authors and other professionals who are engaged in multiple revisions of text files and need to keep multiple folder hierarchies in sync. ECMerge Standard compares all your files and folders and saves all the...
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 FoldMonkey Feb 7, 2018 4742
FoldMonkey will help you sort, organize and backup your files and folders. Main features include: Monitor a folder for new or incoming files. Rename those files to match specific criteria using tags such as old file name, old file extension and custom text. Move files to a new directory. Crea...
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 RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk Jan 10, 2004 3751
RECOVER Fixed/ Floppy Disk is a Directory / File level Data Recovery Utility for DOS 3.1 to DOS 7.x, WINDOWS 3.1, WINDOWS 3.11, WINDOWS 95, and 16-Bit (FAT16) and 12-Bit (FAT12) file systems under WINDOWS 95-OSR2 & 98. Has Long File Name support on WIN 95/ 95-OSR2/ 98. On WINDOWS 95-OSR2/ 98, ...
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 Filerecovery for Windows Jan 10, 2004 2262
FILERECOVERY for Windows is a safe and affordable do-it-yourself data recovery solution that is designed to recover deleted files from all types of media such as Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, and other types of removable media....
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