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 CleanEm Jan 10, 2004 211
Designed in an XP style theme, CleanEm safely remove unnecessary files from your hard drive and covers your tracks. Scans for junk files, clears the Recent Documents list, Run Menu, Office Tracks, WinZip, Media Player, Word Pad and Paint. Also cleans the Temp Folder, Recently Typed Urls f...
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 Directory Printer Jan 10, 2004 205
Directory Printer enables you to print or export directory listings, a capability which is not provided by Windows itself. Features include: Print single directories or entire trees. When printing trees, the number of levels of subdirectories printed can be specified. Choice of fields to print (lo...
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 ListMaker Jan 11, 2004 202
Very easy to use, generates customizable text or HTML lists of your files. It can catalog removable disks, search for files and tell you what disk they are on, search for duplicates in your list, and generate lists automatically to keep them up to date. Great for file backups, MP3 collections, ...
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 DiskIndex Jan 11, 2004 198
DiskIndex is currently not being developed any further! Search your CD's and archive files in a quick and easy way using the DiskIndex V6.1 file catalog. Scan your CD's, floppy disks and network drives once and quickly search or browse them without re-inserting them again and again. Scans into most...
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 WinNavigator Jan 11, 2004 196
Powerful but easy-to use file manager - a good replacement for Windows Explorer or Norton Commander. Besides usual file management (copy, move, delete etc), it contains built-in viewer for 9 most-popular graphic formats, and 11 sound/ music format, as well as video clips. In addition, it suppo...
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 Find It Aug 30, 2003 189
Try a lightning fast file/ text finder with a rich set of features. Searching criteria includes files/ folders with include/ exclude filters. The unique Logical Text phrasing can help you quickly pinpoint text, or a combination of keywords in any file. Comes with 2 viewers, a quick view for verifi...
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 FillDisk Jan 11, 2004 186
FillDisk is a full-featured disk boundary test tool. While there are other disk boundary tools available, FillDisk provides the flexibility and precision needed for the best testing accuracy. Boundary checking is an important part of testing a product. An increment of as little as 1 byte of disk sp...
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 File/Folder Description Center Feb 28, 2002 180
File/ Folder Description Center is a cataloging system that helps you easily view and keep descriptions of Windows'95/ 98/ NT4/ 2000 folders and files, ZIP and RAR archives, WWW HTM/ HTML pages. 4DOS compatible file format: Descript.ion, File_id.diz, Dirinfo. Access to files versions, files att...
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 7tools Partition Manager Jan 15, 2004 180
Universal tool for partition! 7tools Partition Manager 2004 affords everything you may need for managing partitions; it is suitable for both everyday and rare needs, for either inexperienced user or advanced professional. At any time you can easily and safely change partitioning of your hard.dis...
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 Stamp It Jan 11, 2004 179
Stamp It does more than just stamp files. It's a file management utility and a whole lot more. It's main function is to extract and set the date & time of one or more files. This makes organizing, viewing, and searching for files faster and easier. With many advanced features you're sure to use St...
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